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Customer Of The Week…Throw Back Edition!

Written by on June 12th 2016

Customer of the Week: New glasses, new look!

Ladies and Gentlemen…I don’t know if you are prepared for this week’s Customer of the Week. Really, you may want to take a seat because I am about to blow your minds….

You ready? Ok! Help me welcome Clint and his amazing new specs to the COTW club!

CLINT_P (765x1024)

Isn’t he handsome in his new frames? I know – you need to catch your breath. But wait! There is more…

This is a picture of him in 2009!!!!



What a transformation! While Clint’s LaFont frames were a great pick back then, we think that his new Jeremi frame from Caroline Abram is a great update and looks amazing with his new devil-may-care look. :)


The tortoise details on the front of the frame and the temples soften the black and make this frame anything but boring!

If you are feeling inspired by Clint’s makeover, get over here and we will be happy to help you find a great new frame for your fabulous face!

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Lakeview Live Concerts on the Curb!

Written by on June 11th 2016

Get Your Boogie On!

Join Eye Spy Optical & Iris the Airstream on Thursday, June 16th for Lakeview Live Concerts on the Curb!

Iris the Airstream pop-up

Iris the Airstream patiently waited for warmer weather and is excited to be poppin’ up with a fantastic selection of glasses and sunnies! This fabulous event is being hosted by the Lakeveiw Chamber of Commerce, Chicago Music Exchange and Lagunitas Brewing Company and business up and down the block will be gettin’ their groove on to celebrate with sidewalk sales, pop-ups etc!

Lakeview Live image

Iris will have the entire collection of Monoqool 3D eyewear and Theo’s Matali Crasset collab collection, right outside of Eye Spy Optical this Thursday, June 16th for the first of 3 free monthly concerts at the corner of Paulina and Lincoln Ave!


AND….in honor of Iris’s summer debut, we will be giving all of our lovely customers 10% off any sunglasses purchase during the concert!

sunnies 1

Details Schmetails:

Who’s Playin’? Jonas Fridle & the Majority  – A Chicago based 8 piece Indie Folk Rock band that has been recognized with Song of the Year from The John Lennon Songwriting Competition, First Place in the Great American Song Contest and a nomination for Album of the Year in the Independent Music Awards!

When are they Playin’? Thursday June 16th. Things will get started at 5:30pm and will wrap up at 8:30pm.

Where are they Playin’? The band will be set up at the corner of Paulina and Lincoln Ave, but there will be fun stuff going on up and down the street!

Could it possibly be free? YES!!!! The concert is free to any and all who get their butts on down here!

Where are my dancin’ shoes? I don’t know…but you better find them!

You can find more info about the concerts at and on their facebook page.

Stay tuned for info about July 21st and August 18th’s events!

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Customer of the Week! BOGO Edition!

Written by on May 31st 2016

We have a Two-For-One Special on Customer of the Week in Aisle 4!

Seth and his lovely wife Minglei wandered into Eye Spy a few weeks ago to select some new frames and we were completely charmed. We knew they just HAD to be featured as our Customers of the Week! Put your hands in the air and wiggle those jazz hands for Seth and Minglei!


Minglei needed a couple of frames – one for her distance vision and one for her reading. She loves cat-eye frames, so she got a beautiful tortoise Francis Klein Aries frame that really shows off her eyes and is a beautiful shape on her. We love the sexy secretary look of her Res/Rei Giulia frame – perfect for reading!


ARIES A85 529 Res Rei S.r.l


Seth picked out one of Anne et Valentin’s newer frames, On The Wave in a shade of green that perfectly complements his eyes.

av on the wave


Let’s Get to Know Minglei and Seth! 

Ladies first…Minglei:

  1. What do you do for a living? I work for a charitable foundation. I also manage Chicago Art Deco Society’s Facebook page.
  1. How many glasses do you have? Three
  1. What is your astrological sign? LibraLibra2
  1. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would that food be? Noodle soups!Eat, Dough, Soup, Kazakh, Plate, Food, Liquid, Noodles
  1. What is your beverage of choice? Just water
  1. Do you have a hobby? Tell me about it! I study fashion and architecture, and I love to read mystery novels.
  1. What is your secret talent? I can do some ballet.
  1. How long have you been wearing glasses? About 20 years.
  1. Would you rather: tap or swim for a whole day? Tap!
  1. What is your guilty pleasure song? “Beat It” by Michael Jackson
  1. What is your favorite place on earth? Chicago
  1. What is your favorite moment? The first warm day after my first winter in Chicago.

You can find some of Minglei’s posts for the Chicago Art Deco Society on their Facebook page:

art deco flapper


And now Seth!

  1. What do you do for a living? I’m a health care policy expert working in the big data space.
  2. How many glasses do you have? Two pairs.
  3. What is your astrological sign? Tiger 2015-tiger
  4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would that food be? Chinese noodle soup
  5. What is your beverage of choice? Dark Matter coffee dark matter
  6. Do you have a hobby? I’m active in community service as a director of Streeterville Organization of Active Residents (SOAR), a downtown neighborhood association serving the residents and businesses of Streeterville since 1975.
  7. What is your secret talent? I am a certificated pilot, but I usually just take the bus.
  8. How long have you been wearing glasses? Ever since all overhead projectors started going out of focus at the same time – I wonder why?
  9. Would you rather: tap or swim for a whole day? Prefer something lazier
  10. What is your guilty pleasure song? “Fat” by “Weird Al” Yankovic.
  11. What is your favorite place on earth? Downtown Chicago (when ambulance sirens aren’t blaring too loud)
  12. What is your favorite moment? The first time I stepped on a brand new, totally clean L car

Check out all of the latest and greatest going on in Streeterville at :) 


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NPO of the Month: Peterson Garden Project!

Written by on May 27th 2016

Each month we donate a portion of sales at one of our events to a local non-profit organization that we admire. This month we are working with Peterson Garden Project and will be donating 3% of our sales from the Theo Trunk Show on June 4th! 

pgp logo2

In 2010, LaManda Joy started her first organic community garden in a vacant lot on Peterson Ave – a lot that in the 1940’s had been one of the many Victory Gardens that flourished throughout Chicago at the time. Since then, Peterson Garden Project has flourished and there are now community gardens all over Chicago, but what is even more important to LaManda is that her organization has taught hundreds of new gardeners how to grow nutritious food in their own neighborhoods.

Peterson Garden Project’s mission is to recruit, educate and inspire a new generation of gardeners who want to gain control of their food supply, grow their own produce organically, and make urban gardening the norm-not the exception. 


 “Learning together in the garden, and kitchen, does much more than put fresh, nutritious food on the table. It helps build stronger communities, connect us to cultural heritage, improve public health and create a more sustainable, resilient city.”

Peterson Garden Project isn’t just about gardening:

  • Their community cooking school that offers classes and workshops about variety of ethnic cuisines and food cultures which draws upon the diverse backgrounds of the project’s membership. Check out their calendar for upcoming classes like Demystifying Masala: The Secret to Indian Spice Blends on June 2.
  • Grow2Give is their volunteer-run program that provides local food pantries and other organizations with donated produce grown in the gardens.
  • Senior/Senior, Kids in the Kitchen and Fresh Fridays are free programs geared at educating kids and seniors alike about nutrition and the joys of cooking.

Get Involved!

Go to a tea party! Peterson Garden Project is hosting a Mad Tea Party/fundraiser on June 12 at their Vedgewater Garden. Put on your finest or zaniest tea party attire and help keep the project going!


Get your hands dirty! There are still plots available at some of their community gardens, so sign up, attend an orientation meeting and grow some delicious organic veggies of your own.

Try on some new specs! Come to our Theo Trunk Show on June 4th and pick up a beautiful new pair of glasses – 3% our sales will be donated to Peterson Garden Project!


Peterson Garden Project continues to grow and there are plenty of ways to get involved – take a look at their Website, Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all of the latest gardening news!

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Theo Eyewear + Eye Spy = BFF

Written by on May 25th 2016


How can we describe how much we love Theo??
With a few photos and by the simple fact that it is Theo that made us fall in love with eyewear. Pure fun, great design and decidedly different.

Along with the current collection of Theo in every color of the rainbow, we are honoring Theo’s Flemish heritage. Theo is designed and made in Belgium….so we are supplying fine beer and chocolates.

The beer comes by way of our neighbor, Bitter Pops, and the chocolate by way of Katherine Anne Confections in Logan Square.

TH Mille+45


As is our tradition to donate to a non-profit every month, we are supporting the Peterson Garden Project this month, with a percentage of our sales from the Theo Trunk Show:-)
pgp logo2

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NPO of the Month: American Brain Tumor Association

Written by on May 13th 2016

Each month we donate a portion of sales at one of our events to a local non-profit organization that we admire. May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month and we are thrilled to be working with the American Brain Tumor Association.

American Brain Tumor Assoc. logo


The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) was founded in 1973 in Chicago and has funded almost $30 million in brain tumor research. They are committed to helping people of all age ranges and with all types of brain tumors through funding research, publishing educational materials and providing training to health care professionals. The ABTA is committed to “the goals of improving, extending and, ultimately, saving the lives of those impacted by a brain tumor diagnosis.”


 About Brain Tumors

• There are nearly 700,000 people in the U.S. living with a primary brain and central nervous system tumor.

• Nearly 78,000 new cases of primary brain tumors will be diagnosed this year.

• Approximately 4,600 children ages 0 – 19 will be diagnosed with a primary brain tumor this year.

• Malignant brain tumors are the most common cause of cancer-related deaths in adolescents and young adults aged 15-39 and the most common cancer occurring among 15-19 year olds.

 location-for-the-cerebellumHow can you help?

Come to our week long Anne et Valentin Pop-up Shop starting on May 14th from 12-5pm at Eye Spy Optical and find a gorgeous new pair of eyeglasses (or two!) – we will be donating a percentage of our sales from the pop-up shop! You can also take a look at their website and and like their facebook page  to keep up with their latest news, for resources for you and your loved ones who have brain tumors, and to find out how you can volunteer your time.



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Customer of the Week…Beautiful in Blue!

Written by on May 8th 2016

Happy Day to Marie, our amazing Customer of the Week!


Marie’s fab new Gentle Monster frames are so youthful and fun! We love the color and the shape on her.

Gentle Monster Fafala A5 BL1 · EYE SPY OPTICAL · Online Store Powered by Storenv_2016-05-08_13-01-02

Fafala is a great lightweight frame with shiny gold temples that make them a really versatile frame. Because Marie reads a ton, she wanted a pair of glasses to use just for seeing the computer screen and for reading. The lenses we chose for her are called occupational lenses, or indoor lenses. They enable you to see up to about 10 feet of your surroundings…and most importantly, to focus on your screen and book without any eye strain!!



And to answer your question…yes! you do recognize Marie ...she and her lovely husband were featured last year in their amazing Theo frames. Marie and her husband love unique and colorful frames and we loved her latest pick so much that we knew she had to be our COTW again!

Let’s get to know Marie!

  1. What do you do for a living? Drink wine and eat dark chocolate (I’m retired)
  2. How many glasses do you have? Only two pairs that I use regularly.
  3. What is your astrological sign? Aquarius….Aqua..ri..usAquarius-astrology-15139356-1753-1274
  4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would that food be? Watermelon
  5. What is your beverage of choice? Root Beer or Pina Colada
  6. Do you have a hobby? Tell me about it! Crossword puzzles, because they teach me to look at things from different angles.
  7. What is your secret talent? I’m very intuitive
  8. How long have you been wearing glasses? Since the second grade
  9. Would you rather: tap or swim for a whole day? I’m not very good at either one.  I’d rather watch movies or read all day.
  10. What is your guilty pleasure song? ‘Because’ by the Dave Clark Five
  11. What is your favorite place on earth? Hawaii
  12.  What is your favorite moment? Any time that I’m on a dance floor surrounded by family and friends.






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Anne et Valentin Pop-up Shop and Trunk Show!

Written by on May 4th 2016

It is our lucky week!! The day after Friday, May 13th, we will be having an Anne et Valentin Pop-up Shop all-week long…beginning on Saturday the 14th from 11-5pm. With their newest releases *and* all of the styles and colors in their current collection, it’s going to be amazing!!


Continuing our lucky streak, Anne et Valentin introduced a ton of purple into their new and current collection! They must have read our mind…or just finally listened to us;-)


With every purchase of an Anne et Valentin frame and prescription lenses during the pop-up shop, we will throw in FREE, yes FREE, anti-reflective coating…which is usually $125!!

The Pop-Up Shop continues for a week until Saturday, May 21st at 3pm and culminates in a Grand Cirque de Printemps at Eye Spy until 6pm…or whenever we feel like kicking you out:-)

For our French-circus themed soiree, JoSnow will be joining us to provide boozy snow cones! No circus is complete without cotton candy, caramel corn…and accordion music!!

As you know, each month we donate a portion of sales from our event to a local non-profit organization. May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month and we are thrilled to be working with the American Brain Tumor Association.

A bientot!! In other words, see you soon!!


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Every Day is Earth Day at Eye Spy

Written by on April 9th 2016

We get fired up at Eye Spy about environmental issues. We are avid reducers, reusers and recyclers. So, when Earth Day rolls around, it’s hard for us to figure out what to differently to help Mother earth. This year, we racked our brains….and came up with some great ideas, or at least we think so!!


We asked the lab that cuts our lenses to save the cut and edged lenses that would normally be thrown away. We have a few boxes of them…and had planned to make a spectacular curtain out of them, but that has not happened yet:-( Soon…very soon! In the meantime, we will be using them this month for your benefit!! Drumroll please…

First, we filled up a big (actually, huge) mason jar with these lenses….and it is your job to guess how many lenses are in the jar!! If you guess correctly, YOU WIN A PAIR of PlasticDelux sunglasses!!

Next, we are putting together kits for you to take home on Earth Day and make a pendant from the old eyeglasses lenses! It is easy enough for a kid or adult to make…..and the results are super-awesome! If you cannot make it in, here are the instructions for the version pictured below….and here is another similar option:-) lens brooch

After we pay our taxes, we might go crazy and try and make this pendant….

wrapped lenses

We are also excited to have everyone write down a pledge that they are making for the month and hang the pledge on our clothes line. It can be a pledge to stop using paper towels, ride your bike more, or anything that you can do to help contribute to making our planet a healthier and more thriving place for all of us to live.


We are also offering a few deals, of course, that are easy on the earth *and* on your pocket book….

65% off all wooden eyewear in-stock

$50 off a complete pair of prescription eyewear if you donate an old pair of functioning glasses that we can send to New Eyes for the Needy:-)



We have instilled green practices at Eye Spy Optical from day-one.

From printing on the back-sides of used paper rescued from local businesses & schools; giving used packing materials to neighborhood business; emailing receipts; online order-entry systems; reusing dishes, cups, and silverware; urging vendors to reduce packaging, shipments, paper invoices & faxes; reducing, reusing, recycling & composting; purchasing used furniture, fixtures & office equipment; using cloth towels instead of paper; giving away felt wine bags instead of paper shopping bags; refilling eyeglass spray bottles with concentrated cleaner; installing an extra pane of glass, insulation & LED bulbs in our storefront and in-store, we tend to go a bit over-board in our desire to lessen our impact on the planet.

Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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Customer Of The Week…Glitter Glasses for Spring!

Written by on April 2nd 2016

Three Cheers for Abigail! Our newest Customer of the Week!!!!


Like many of us, Abigail has an eye for the finer things in life. You know what I am talking about…things that shine and shimmy in the light…things that glint and glimmer. And who can blame her? Sparkles just make life better!

Luckily, for all of us, Francis Klein has the golden touch. Their glasses are more like jewelry than your run of the mill “medical device” frames. Some of their frames are more subtle…a few Swarovskis sprinkled at the temple of a frame. Some have a bit more magic…

Francis Klein Lotus Frame

These Lotus frames have put a spell on Abigail.


Abigail hasn’t been wearing glasses for long, but she knows what she wants…and she wants to be gorgeous in glitter!

Let’s Get to Know Abigail!

  1. What do you do for a living? I am a Door-Gal and a Massage Therapist cat massage
  2. How many glasses do you have? 2 pairs
  3. What is your astrological sign? Capricorn Capricorn_blue_big
  4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would that food be? Sushi
  5. What is your beverage of choice? Chai Tea or Malbec
  6. What is your secret talent? I can still do forward and backward rolls
  7. How long have you been wearing glasses? 2.5 yrs
  8. What is your guilty pleasure song? Tainted Love or Uncle Johns Band (Grateful dead)
  9. What is your favorite place on earth? In the arms of my wife
  10. What is your favorite moment? The day I got married.

You can find Abigail at her website and at Chicago Doula Care on Yelp.

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