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Vintage New? Vintage Old?

Written by on July 9th 2009

I love the look of chunky authentic Vintage Frames! We have a few select vintage frames left in our in-store stock at Eye Spy, but they won’t be around long and let me tell you, when then go, I’m gonna miss them!

See how cute?!

Good for me we also have Francis Klein in our lives. This line embraces the spirit of vintage frames with the construction techniques and materials of modern times:

Ok ok, and I wanted to share a picture of our hula display. Sometimes it’s just so fun to be a part of Eye Spy!!

So whether you want to go authentic with your vintage look, or if you want something a little stronger, stop on by!


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Glasses Glasses Everywhere!

Written by on July 7th 2009

I like to peruse the Internets every now and again to find various ways that my favorite accessories, ***eyeglasses***, find their way into artwork.

First, I stumbled upon this poster for the Sweet Hair Poster Show:

Created by Chelsea Brick and Burns, this poster is Awesome! Check out more about them at Red Black Brown

I also stumbled upon this image on flickr:

Totally. Radical.

To see more check out the flickr photopage here:

eye spy (hearts) eyeglass art!


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Written by on July 4th 2009

This week our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK is and Independence Day Special with TWO, that’s right, TWO CUSTOMERS OF THE WEEK!

Catherine and Sara came in to look at glasses together and each found an adorable frame to suit their energetic personalities! Catherine found a classic Francis Klein frame with rhinestones and a detail on the temples (sides) of the frame that is simply to. die. for.


Sara was browsing the sunglasses and found a Lafont frame that fit her PERFECTLY! What a lucky day!

Two hot to handle.

Congratulations Sara and Catherine! You look awesome in your Francis Klein and Lafont frames!!!


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Who’s the big winner? You are!!!

Written by on July 1st 2009

Congrats to our Eye Spy/Time Out Chicago contest winner, FRED L!

Fred won a free pair of eyeglasses care of Eye Spy Optical! It was a lot of fun choosing a frame for Fred, he was digging the classic look of the Anne et Valentin sunglasses, which are vintage inspired, but have a definite modern quality to their use of angles and color.

Fred settled on a blue Anne et Valentin sunglass frame:

What a lucky guy!


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Written by on June 27th 2009

This week, our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK, is a familiar face ’round these parts. He may just be the father of our royal Queen of Specs. Does that make him the King of Eyewear? In these Theo frames, yes, yes it does. So let’s all stand and cheer for our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK, Bob F.

Alissa chose these Theo frames especially for her dad, and wow does Bob look great! Lucky guy to have a daughter who can hook you up with Theo frames!

When it’s hot out, you gotta find new ways of stayin’ cool, Daddy-O

Congratulations, Bob! Your new Theo frames look ****awesome****


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Written by on June 20th 2009

This week it’s all in the family with our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK, Lael ! In May, his wife, Eugenie, was named our Customer of the week for her amazing luck in finding a wonderful pair of Francis Klein sunglasses on the very day they arrived in the store.

Lael had similar luck a couple of years ago with a pair of IC Berlin glasses. The IC Berlin brand has been good to Lael and when he came in to the store for a new eye exam, he knew he wanted to stick with the durable and stylin’ IC Berlin frames!

Of course, being a man of impeccable taste (he is married to Eugenie after all) Lael chose one of the newest and, if I do say so myself, awesomest IC Berlin frames in the store.

Lucky guy.

Nice choice, Lael, and congratulations on being our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!


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We’ve got a new look!

Written by on June 16th 2009

Check it out!!!

Hey You!! Look at me!!

Eye Spy has a new look!

green is the new awesome

You know us, at Eye Spy, we like to be as green as possible. For a while, we’ve been bored with our plain brown facade. It didn’t accurately represent the Eye Spy attitude!

Then, Alissa had the brilliant idea of putting astro-turf on the store! She cut the panels in her own back yard and put them up with Velcro, so when we remove the middle two panels, we have a fun purple chalkboard hidden away! Wait, there’s more!

It turns out the astro-turf is made out of recycled materials. So we did get the green facade we’ve always wanted. It just took a little elbow grease and a lot of clever thinkin’!


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Written by on June 15th 2009
Congratulations to AMY, our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!

AMY chose these incredible ORANGE Anne et Valentin frames and ***wow*** do they look great on her! The orange frames make her eyes POP and SPARKLE. At Eye Spy, we love Anne et Valentin frames because their funky styles and interesting angles are so fun and bright. Especially these orange Anne et Valentin frames, they make Amy’s face light up!

Orange you glad we have orange Anne et Valentin glasses?!

Congratulations Amy, 1) on your awesome new Anne et Valentin frames and 2) for being our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!


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Just in case you dropped your chopstick…

Written by on June 7th 2009

I just came across a photo of IC!Berlin frames being used in a, well, creative manner. We have always told our customers how durable IC!Berlin frames are, referencing real-life incidents…such as the time a customer inadvertently got his IC!Berlin’s run over by a car and the frames were not damaged at all!! But this photo just proves how useful IC!Berlin’s really are….and how much extra time some people have on their hands!

So, remember…if you drop one of your chopsticks on the ground and can’t find another set, just take off your IC!Berlin’s, snap off the temples….and dig in. Delicious!

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Written by on June 6th 2009


Sheldon came to us looking for a round tortoise frame a la William Gibson:

I’m William Gibson, I wrote Neuromancer.

We liked the inspiration of a round frame for Sheldon, but we knew he could pull off something a little bolder. He looks *great* in this frame from the Anne et Valentin Factory series.

makin’ Gibson jealous

Not only is this a great look, but the frame itself is nice and strong with reinforced hinges. The design of the frame is really special, with edges hand cut to give the sides multiple angles.

Great choice, Sheldon, and congratulations on being our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!

……don’t forget!…….

Stop by Saturday, June 13th for our Sunglass Trunk Show featuring the frames of Persol, Maui Jim, and IC!Berlin! We’ll have a party going from 11-5! Get your Dad a snazzy new pair of UV Blockin’ specs for Father’s day!!!


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