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T-Shirt & Veggie Stamping Workshop on Saturday!

Written by on April 8th 2013

The third weekend of our DIY Green Scene Series is: making t-shirt bags & then stamping designs on the shirts with veggies! Whew. That was a mouthful!

Let’s be real…we have all got enough plastic bags. Did you know that you can take all those pesky t-shirts you sort of love (or hate) and make them in to bags?! We followed these instructions and already made some bags for you:-) They will look like this:

Then, the next step is: take a bunch of cut-up vegetables, dip them into fabric paint (we chose a handful of fluorescent colors!), and then stamp the designs onto the the newly-created t-shirt bags! You will have a masterpiece that you can use everyday….after you let the bags dry for 72 hours, of course:-)


Swing on in this Saturday, April 20th from 12-4pm  and take a lesson from Bob Fields &  Zara Versten, the dad/daughter duo of the Queen of Specs!







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CD Upcycling Projects on April 13th!

Written by on April 1st 2013

As the second installment of our April Green Scene will be lead by our Queen of Specs. On April 13th at 12-4pm she will be holding a workshop on CD Upcycling. Remember the good ol’days when you would get those AOL cds in the mail?

Not that anyone gets those any more, but we’ve all got cds laying around that we either don’t use or are broken.  That’s where these projects come in. We will have a handful of CD Upcycling projects ranging from drums, tops, and a little bit of garden whimsy.

Hop on by and make something beautiful with our Queen of Specs, it’s sure to be a grand old time.

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Kiss My Aster Seed Bombs!

Written by on March 27th 2013

As part of Eye Spy’s April Green Scene month we will be hosting a series of DIYworkshops the very first being a Seed Bomb workshop on April 6th 12 to 4 pm.

But…I bet you are wondering what the what a seed bomb is?  The official definition is as follows:

 Seed bombing is a technique of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping compressed bundles of soil containing live vegetation (seed balls). Often, seed bombing projects are done with arid or off-limits (for example, privately owned) land.




The very sassy and punk rock Amanda Thomsen of Kiss My Aster will be leading a drop-in workshop on making seed bombs and turf prints!  You might recognize her from her fancy interview and spread in the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune!
Or just from her blog, Kiss My Aster, that she’s had up and running for 7 years.







Amanda joined the world of paper back writing with her hilarious blog-titled book!  Seriously, it’s awesome!!!

Come on by on April 6th and meet this fabulous lady and make seed bombs.

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April Green Scene

Written by on March 13th 2013

Okay. We know everyone is trying to get in on the action…but we REALLY do care about the Earth and have been doing anything and everything possible to be green for the past 15 years. Seriously.

What other small retail store has a compost bin, gives used packing materials away to neighboring businesses, never buys any paper, emails receipts, puts LED bulbs in its outdoor sign, and reprimands its employees when they use disposable cups from Starbucks? Huh?!?

Sooooo, this year we will be hosting a bunch of workshops at Eye Spy…from making seed bombs, to creating terrariums in ball jars. Stay posted for the schedule! When we get all of our ducks in a row, we will post the dates and times right here. We promise. If you have any suggestions, hopes or dreams for workshops, feel free to email us!

We can’t wait to see you;-)

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March- Madness- Makeover Party!

Written by on February 22nd 2013


Man oh man, are we ever excited for our March event!  Let’s be real, we all could use a little pick me up in March.

On March 9th from 12-4pm, Eye Spy will be hosting our annual March Makeover Party. This year we decided to step up our game a little bit. Along with our usual lovely makeup artist Brenda, joining us this year will be Sky Cubacub, who specializes in a little more un-conventional makeup. She also is a master crafter of chainmaille jewelry. Who knew? Let me tell you, it is amazing! Sky will be modeling some of her pieces if you are interested.


We have also invited Hunter Gatherer Jewelry to join us! (She might let you sneak a peek at her new collection!) Hunter Gatherer Jewelry’s collection draws inspiration from the intangible experiences that add texture and meaning to our lives. We are head over heels for her work and know you will be too!

We will see you for some new makeup ideas, fresh new jewelry and snacks. Come on, you know you love some snacks….with some adult bevvies to wash them down;-)


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Sale Teaser

Written by on January 2nd 2013

Haven’t had the time to make it into our sale yet? Wondering what’s on sale with out having to make a trip? Well… today is your lucky day! Check out the awesome possum sale frames below. Don’t doddle though, while they are here today…they may be gone tomorrow!

Francis Klein


Frames Galore!

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It’s Time for Our January Sale Again!

Written by on January 1st 2013

Welcome to the New Year! Bring it on 2013.  What  better way to start the year off, than with scoring some sweet deals on new frames. Come in and check out our sale ALL MONTH LONG! Prices start at $99! Frames will be anywhere from 25%-75% off, so come get while the gettin’s good.

Sale lines include: Anne et Valentin, Lafont, Francis Klein, Theo, Rapp, 2.5 and Mykita. Best of all, we will have Mykita, Selima, Feb31st and Wonderglasses frames that will be 50% off! Bam!

January Sale

 See you soon!

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SHOP Lakeview and Get $50!!

Written by on December 10th 2012

I bet you are wondering,”What in the world is SHOP Lakeview?” Well… here’s how it works:

1. Shop locally and save your receipts in the provided envelope.
2. Collect $300 worth of receipts from 5 or more Shop Lakeview merchants between Nov. 1st and Dec. 31st.
3. Turn your envelope and receipts into the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce at 1409 W. Addison and receive $50 in SHOP Lakeview Dollars for every $300 in receipts.

Note: The SHOP Lakeview Dollars are redeemable at over 100 Lakeview Businesses. Check out the full list here!

It’s a no brainer, especially if you are shopping at Eye Spy Optical for simply spectacular eyewear  where  it is easy to spend over $300;-)


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Jolly-Palooza on Saturday, Dec. 8th!

Written by on December 3rd 2012

Help us celebrate the completion of our new storefront this Saturday with holiday festivities!

New Storefront!

We will be toasting Bob Fields, the artist & father to the Queen of Specs, who created this masterpiece. Since we introduced our new logo and new website last year, we have debating on how to redo our storefront. After many, many, many iterations on Illustrator, many people consulted, and many google image searches…we realized that we had the perfect resource: Bob Fields!  He worked on these four panels tirelessly everyday for a month. Then, he spent two weeks devising brackets and installing the panels. What a brilliant job! Bob’s work on the storefront really brings the whole place together.

We will also be welcoming the start of Chanukah with treats and dreidels. To top the day off, there will also be  festivities along Lincoln Ave. from Diversey to Addison! Meet the Clauses, hear carolers, and see live ice sculpture carvers from 1-4 PM. Wow!

Finally, if that isn’t enough…we are participating in a CPS Book Drive!  If you have new or gently-used children’s books and stuffed animals, please bring them to Eye Spy for donation through Saturday at 4 PM.

So come and join us for fun, treats, art and a little holiday merriment!





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Lafont Trunk Show this Saturday!!!

Written by on November 20th 2012

Last, but certainly not least in our line up of trunk shows for November is… LaFont on  November 24th from 11-5pm! You will be able to view and try-on hundreds of Lafont frames from the new 2013 collection.

In 1972, Philippe and Laurence Lafont created the line of Lafont glasses. The goal was to create a timeless line that lived up to the family’s history of quality eyewear and the Parisian standard of high fashion. Lafont frames are easy-to-wear shapes in beautiful colors, for kids and adults!

Trunk shows are NOT sales…they are exclusive events where the sales rep from each line brings his or her samples for all to try-on. Every sample that the rep has, will be in the store for the weekend only. The shows are open to the public on Saturdays from 11-5 PM...and BY APPOINTMENT only on Sundays. 

This is your one and only chance to see every color and every shape available in the current collections. We carry a majority of each collection, but we do not have room to stock the entire collection of each line. If you have been looking for the perfect pair or have something specific in mind, this is the time to come in to Eye Spy. You will be like a kid in a candy shop!!

Oh, and did we mention that these trunk shows will be showcasing the 2013 collections that are not in any stores yet? The only drawback is: you might have to wait a few weeks or a few months to receive your frames….but it will be worth it!! See you soon:-)

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