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Customer of the Week

Written by on December 2nd 2014

Congrats to Charmaine!



Charmaine works a corporate job and came in looking for something that would jazz up her everyday wardobe.  The Optical Oracle was on the job and helped Charmaine select a gorgeous Rapp Gilda frame in a lucious marbled purple color that had arrived in store just a few days earlier.

Good Gracious Gilda!

Good Gracious Gilda!

Rapp is a small eyewear company based in Toronto, Canada.  They are known for their modern shapes and unique colors.

Once she saw herself in these beauties, she realized that her old sunglasses weren’t up to snuff! She took a quick look at the wall-o-sunnies and picked up a pair that had been calling her name…


RetroSuperFuture Drew Morosa for the win!

Charmaine's a smooth operator in her new Sunnies!

Charmaine’s a smooth operator in her new Sunnies!

Once the cool blue-grey RetroSuperFuture Drew Morosa frames were on her face, she almost wouldn’t take them off! It took some convincing, but we managed to convinced her to give them up for a couple weeks so we could put her updated Rx lenses in them.

Charmaine is sassier than ever and ready to wow her co-workers and friends with her cool-cat style!

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New Line Alert: Gentle Monsters

Written by on September 8th 2013

Hey Everyone!!

We’re introducing a new line to the Eye Spy sales floor! Gentle Monster, a line hand-crafted in S. Korea, takes on modern edges with sleek angles. Their business model is built around the motto of “INNOVATIVE EXPERIMENT.” These frames take on attributes of the classics, but with an update. They incorporate interchangeable face-plates and clip-on sunglasses, which make them some of the most diverse frames out there. OH…and we are the only store the United States with this fabulous line!! 

These frames break the mold…literally. Instead of using the traditional injection molding, these pieces of art are actually carved out a sheet of acetate and molded by hand.

So if you’re looking for the classic look with an edgy updated persona…these little monsters are definitely for you!    

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What Glitterz Ain’t Alwayz Gold!

Written by on July 22nd 2013

We here at Eye Spy would like to take a moment to get on our collective soapbox and share some information we find essential to the eyeglass shopper. A lot of folks get caught up in labels. Others think big, recognizable brand means good quality. And in some instances that would be correct. But in the world of eyewear, Gucci doesn’t mean good, and  D&G should stand for dead and gone.

Some of us here have worked in the the corporate driven eyeglass world, where big names mean big sales. Customers drop a lot of $$ just because they want to have Prada written on the side of their head, or gold and crystal encrusted Fendi decals. But my, oh my, how quickly those crystals tarnish and fall off!! And even more frequently, how quickly that spring hinge snaps right out of its socket.

Here’s a little secret: These label frames didn’t come off of a runway in Milan. They were not featured in anyone’s Spring Collection. Heck…they weren’t even designed by the designer whose name is on them! Most of these frames are made the exact same way that those frames you wouldn’t be caught dead in are made. Someone just bought the rights to slap on some glitter and etch a name into the plastic. (By the way, Randy Jackson doesn’t even wear his own line.)

That’s why we at Eye Spy take such pride in our collection of frames. And why we have respect for anyone and everyone who can appreciate them. These frames are actually HANDCRAFTED by experts who only make eyeglasses. And when I say handcrafted, I mean they are designed, created, painted, and decorated by human hands. They are engineered to last and withstand the abuse of the one-handed pull-offers, and the i-sleep-face-down-in-my-frames people.

So, take a peek at this Oliver Goldsmith video to see exactly what handmade eyewear really means…

and forgive our sour-puss faces when you make the mistake of asking if we carry Chanel and the like. It’s just because we like to take care of our customers and adorn their faces with real luxury. :-)

**hops off soapbox**

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HipSters NeEd FrAmes ToO!

Written by on June 16th 2013

The Hipster. The fashion figure that against it’s own will has become mainstream. Being TOO cool is, unfortunately, what made hipsters cool.

They are ID’ed by their tight t-shirts meant to look like they came from the Salvation Army (but were actually purchased from an over-priced corporate-driven sale rack), painted-on skinny jeans, grandpa’s sweater, and a knit beanie worn in -9° or 90° weather.
But let us not forget the ultimate hipster accessory….

The Hipster Glasses.

The only requirement really for the hipster frame is that it be over-sized, holding no real prescription. They are predominantly there to complete the “look” of uncool coolness.These are the kinds of glasses we wore back in the day that would get us beaten up or stolen and thrown out the school bus window.  These dork-a-licious frames have risen from the ashes like a phoenix and are in higher demand than any other style. WHO-DA THUNK?!

You can’t TRULY be a hipster if you’ve got the same glasses as the hipster standing next you smoking an herbal cigarette,  listening to music you’ve never heard, outside a bar that no one else goes to. SO we’ve decided to put together a lookbook for all the folks out there, hipster or otherwise, that can show you how to portray the type of hipster you are, will be, or always have been.

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Little Blue Bay…Accessories by our Design Maven!

Written by on March 26th 2013

Ever wonder what else goes on at Eye Spy when you’re not here?

Well, sometimes Patsy and Sara wear birds in their hair. Yup, I said it: BIRDS!!!
Patsy’s is complete with an egg and a nest, Sara’s just has a blue bird in her nest.

These beauties have been hand-crafted by our very own Design Maven, Sara. Her line is called Little Blue Bay . Sara focuses on sustainability and operates under the belief that each item is crafted with love & care.  She uses found, up-cycled & vintage pieces to make lovely new accessories that become a part of your story.

Sara’s headbands are available at Eye Spy! And no, they don’t all have birds.

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We Mustache you a Question

Written by on June 12th 2012

We all love a good mustache and a sweet pair of glasses. Well, this Thursday at 12-7pm is when we bring the two together. Come and enter Eye Spy’s every first stash competition! Check out our Anne et Valentin trunk show and pop on a stash. We will snap a picture of you and your sweet stash with your new-found Anne et Valentin glasses…and put it to a vote on Facebook. The lucky winner will get a free pair of Anne et Valentin sunglasses!

Can you beat this stash?

Queen of Mustache

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Sunglasses and Smooches!

Written by on May 16th 2012

No one loves lipstick quite like the Specs Wrangler, so we thought…why not pair some fabulous lipstick shades with some rockin’ sunglass shades?!

Purple is our favorite color at Eye Spy and we love NO. 15 by Makeup Forever.  We had to pair this amazing shade with Francis Klein’s Flower shades.  Yummy!


We adore these Theo Pine shades!  With all the wonderful textures and hues…we decided to go subtle with Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss.


Lafont’s Hampton sunglasses are bright and cheery, perfect for a hot summer day.   Why not pair them with MAC’s Good to Go for a perfect bold combo?





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Who Needs 24 Pairs of Glasses Anyway?

Written by on March 15th 2012

Wow, the Queen of Specs has a vast collection of glasses!  Organized from oldest to newest, its easy to see how the trends in eyewear has changed. We love how much bigger glasses are now…so much more room to see with.  Also, the rounder retro shapes that have been coming out are fabulous.

That’s not all…there are a ton more frames below.  There is a reason she is the Queen of Specs!


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Do you have Double VisiOn???

Written by on October 18th 2011
It’s so much fun when our customers buy the same frames that we personally own!  Barbara just picked up these retro Theo frames in beautiful green texture which Serina currently has in luscious plum/periwinkle.

Susie and Alissa have been friends since they were in fourth grade and BFFs must have the same glasses!  Since Francis Klein frames are customizable…they both picked out the same model with totally different colors/decorations.  It matches each of their personalities perfectly!!!  
Zenia is attracted to bold colors and is always willing to take risks.  I got a pair of matte geranium red  Theos only a couple of months ago…and I was so excited when Zenia decided on the same pair.  It is surprising that two different people with polar opposite hair color can pull off the same glasses so well.
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Fall Back in Time…

Written by on October 1st 2011
Who knew that Eye Spy’s new feline logo would be a forecast to fall eyewear trends?  Frame shapes are super retro this year with influences ranging from the cat-eye style of the fab 50’s to the nerdy style of the funky 80’s.   Here is our guide to what is hot in optical this fall:

The Theo model above, Clyde, is bold in all the right ways.  The bold thick plastic really taps into the geek-chic look and the increased vertical depth is right on target.

The Francis Klein model, Bridge, perfectly mixes the old with the new.  New collections this season leaned towards a more rounded shape, rather then the rectangular frames of the past several years.  The beautiful hand-painted gold and the gems along the front/sides of the frame, really make these frames special.

The Lafont frame above, Gilda, is a classic cat-eye shape with a modern twist.  We love the etchings in the corners and the matte metal finish.

The Mykita Karlsson frame, from their lite collection, is a gorgeous frame that is as light as a feather.  The frame is unisex with a classic shape, yet modern with its chrome finish.

…Luckily we have all these frames in stock!  Come in and find your retro side!!!

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