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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!!!

Written by on September 1st 2011
We caught Dr. Newton relaxing before his first patient of the day.  His Anne Et Valentin frames match his hip button-down shirt perfectly…

Speaking of relaxing, don’t forget to join us tonight for the opening of Art Lakeview from 6pm – 8pm.  See fabulous art by our featured artist, Devin Shea and enjoy some wine, cheese and crackers. yum!

 ”My Pink Boots” by Devin Shea- Acrylic on Canvas 20″x24″

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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!

Written by on August 24th 2011
What a bummer, the Seafood Market across the street isn’t open yet :(  Oh, well…today is the perfect day for fishing and swimming and Dr. Newton is prepared with his fishing rod, swimming goggles, and a spectacular shirt to boot!
Here, at Eye Spy, we adore these swim goggles from Liberty Sport.  They have ultra-soft thermoplastic padding for a shockproof and watertight seal, and adjustable head strap and bridge.  Did we mention that they also come in super fun colors such as green, blue, and purple?   
Rock them wtih a pair of trivex, shatterproof lenses, and you are all set for a day of fun in the sun!!!
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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!

Written by on August 18th 2011
Dr. Brad Newton and I stopped by our neighbors, Chicago Music Exchange, and guess who we saw?  Rob, the drum manager, wearing the Francis Klein frames he purchased at Eye Spy!  So, Brad picked up a djembe and Rob grabbed a tar hand drum and they started banging away…dum, ditty, dum, ditty, dum, dum, dum.
Dr. Newton is wearing his very own Rapp frame.  Rapp is a small company out of Toronto that hand-crafts all of their frames.  They only make 30 pairs of each model for the whole world to see (and buy!), so they are very exclusive!  Stop by while they are still  25% off, through the month of August…and don’t forget about our Sunglass (and more) Sale that ends August 31st.
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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!!!

Written by on August 10th 2011
What’s black, white, and red all over?  Dr.Brad Newton after a shaving accident!  Just kidding, it’s actually Brad wearing vibrant red Theo glasses and an awesome black and white button-down shirt… 
This model, soixante+5, is super retro with its perfectly round shape and keyhole bridge.  The fire engine red hue is a head-turner, but if red is not exactly your style…it comes in 9 other colors including white, blue, and green!  The whole Theo collection is handmade in Belgium and each piece is like a unique piece of art.
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Wednesday with Dr. Brad Newton!!!

Written by on August 4th 2011
It’s that time of week again and Dr. Newton never ceases to amaze us.  Although his shirt is more subdued than usual, the patterns are far from average.  We love how his Anne et Valentin frames match perfectly! 
Don’t forget that the August Sunglass Sale is in effect! For the entire month of August our sunglasses are on sale from 10%-50% off! We also have select eyeglasses on sale…come on in and get that frame you’ve been dreaming of!!!
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Thursday with Dr. Karen Squier!!!

Written by on July 28th 2011
Dr. Karen Squier is filling in for for Dr. Brad Newton this week, yee haw!  Since he knew that he wasn’t going to be here, he graciously left this awesome fringed shirt for Karen to wear for the Shirt of the Week….and apparently, Dr. Brad wore this shirt on-stage when he performed with Dolly Parton at Allstate Arena (formerly known as Rosemont Horizon)!!
This shirt is super unique, so we combined it with these one-of-a-kind Rapp frames.  She is so excited to be sporting these gorgeous purple striated cat-eye glasses. 
Dr. Newton is normally in on Wednesdays and Dr. Squier is on Saturdays.  Don’t forget to stop in for your annual eye exam and check in every Wednesday for our Shirt of the Week!!!
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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!!!

Written by on July 20th 2011
Every week Dr. Brad Newton pleasantly surprises us with his vast array of funky shirts.  He is our guitar-playing, chart-wielding, in-house Optometrist on Wednesdays!  He sure knows how to rock color, so we thought…why not pair his shirt with these hot-pink Mykita sunglasses?

The Mykita Cyrus model, seen below, is a limited run with only 200 pairs sold world-wide.  The frame features the etchings of two separate skylines including Manhattan and the Pyramids of Giza.  Both versions are available here at Eye Spy Optical =)

Also, did you notice the amazing gig bag the doctor is holding?  This custom-made bag is created by local artist and … long-time customer Ricardo Salazar.  What a coincidence!!!  His company Arte Salazar makes one-of-a-kind gig bags, straps, and instruments.  Check him out at t

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Yikes! 20% of eyeglass wearers drive without their prescription glasses!?!

Written by on January 14th 2011

According to a study by Essilor one in five eyeglass wearers drives without their prescription glasses, choosing instead to wear non-prescription sunglasses.

The study also shows that “Drivers wearing polarized, prescription sunglasses are less likely to report problems seeing during winter and day-driving.”
This is a really interesting study that shows the benefits of wearing polarized lenses. They not only improve vision and perception, but also improve reaction times when driving.
Read all about it:

DALLAS, Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — More than 90 percent of decisions and reactions made behind the wheel depend on good vision. While many believe a bright, sunny day is optimal for driving, the reality is that blinding glare from sun, snow and vehicles is a significant contributing factor to fatal auto accidents. Additionally, a recent survey commissioned by Essilor of America, Inc., the world leader in eyeglass lenses, revealed a disturbing fact that 20 percent of eyeglass wearers sometimes drive without their prescription glasses and instead wear non-prescription sunglasses, quickly making day-driving unnecessarily treacherous.

For blinding glare when driving, simple solutions abound in the form of polarized, prescription sunglasses. In fact, a clinical study conducted by Essilor as a precursor to the survey found that driver reaction times improve by one-third of a second for drivers who wear polarized lenses. For a car traveling 50 miles per hour, one-third of a second allows a driver to stop 23 feet sooner, or the length of an intersection. In glare-intense situations, polarized lenses improve vision clarity by 75 percent, as opposed to ordinary sun lenses, allowing wearers to enjoy better clarity of vision.

“Only one-third of eyeglass wearers have prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses,” said Kim Schuy, Senior Global Director of Marketing, Essilor. “As our roadways heat up this winter and glare from the sun and snow increases, it’s critical that consumers discuss with their eyecare professional the life-saving benefits of prescription, polarized lenses.”

Trouble seeing while driving on sunny and/or snowy days is very common among glasses-wearers. However, those with prescription sunglasses, particularly those with polarized lenses, experience less trouble. Specifically, over 60 percent of eyeglass wearers surveyed agree that when driving during the day, glare from sun and snow makes it difficult to see while driving, notes Essilor’s survey.


It’s our favorite time of the year: THE JANUARY SALE AT EYE SPY!
This year, we went all out with selected Anne et Valentin and Lafont frames at 50% off, tons of other frames at 25% off and 15% off AND Frost frames for $75!!!!!
Stop by and find an awesome new frame that you can brag about to all your friends!


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Give me a break! Let’s talk about computer eye strain.

Written by on September 9th 2010

We hear it all the time. Our customers are of the best variety. We never know who’s going to walk into the store or who we’re going to meet next. It could be a radiologist from Wisconsin or a grad student from down the road. That’s part of the fun of Eye Spy, that our customers are just as diverse as our glasses!

But one thing (other than a penchant for awesome eyewear) that many of our customers seem to have in common is the amount of time spent on the computer.

What may result from all that time on the computer is something known as “Computer Eye Strain.” Sometimes, those who use a computer a lot notice that they get tired or make more errors after a while at the computer.
This article has some great tips on how to relieve computer eye strain, including adding Anti-Reflective coating to glasses and exploring the option of a pair of glasses just for the computer.

Ch-ch-check it out!

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These private eyes are waaaatching you!

Written by on July 20th 2010

You know, there’s a reason we call eyewear “frames.”

Your eyes are works of art; the color, shape and expressions of your eyes is yours and yours alone. Why not highlight your baby blues (or heavenly hazels, or bewitching browns, or girlicious greens…) with a frame that lives up to the windows to your soul?

Check out this article in Today’s Red Eye about the intriguing and alluring aspects of the eye(s).

Here’s a note from the Red Eye article:

If you’ve seen giant costumed eyeballs this past weekend at Millennium Park, Wrigley Field, Navy Pier, and Lincoln Park Zoo, it’s part of “Think About Your Eyes Week,” an effort to raise public awareness about the importance of annual eye exams. This week’s Eye Health Summit in Chicago hosted by the Foundation for Eye Health Awareness will bring together organizations and industry leaders so they can work together on ways to highlight the need for improved eye health.


I couldn’t help it, all while writing this post, this song was running through my head!

You know what else is cool? SUNGLASSES! The Eye Spy annual sunglass sale is only days away. For the entire month of August every pair of sunglasses in the store will be on sale! Come on in and get that frame you’ve been dreaming of!


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