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Pumpkin of your Eye?

Written by on October 26th 2012

Pumpkins are a sure sign of fall.  We may carve one for Halloween, decorate with them for Thanksgiving, not to mention baking one into a pie.  But did you know that pumpkin is also a powerhouse of nutrients that are essential for good eye health?

A serving of fresh pumpkin (100 grams) contains 246% of RDA Vitamin A. Vitamin A, also found in high amounts in carrots, is essential in the eye for the proper function of rods (night vision) and cones (color vision).  Pumpkin also contains the powerful anti-oxidants Vitamin C and E which act to prevent cellular damage and aging.

If that weren’t enough reason to eat some pumpkin, it also contains nutrients that protect the macula from age-related macular degeneration.  The phyto-nutrients lutein and zea-xanthin act as a natural “sunscreen” of the macula which protects it from damage from UV rays as we get older.

Pumpkin seeds contain high amounts of zinc, which has also been shown to have a protective effect on the macula.

This year when you are buying your pumpkin to carve, buy an extra to try in a new recipe, like this one I really like from Cooking Light Magazine: Spicy Chicken and Pumpkin Stew!

                                                                                                                                                                            Written by: Dr. Deana Labrosse

(Dr. Labrosse is in on Wednesdays and every other Saturday!)

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The Way We See It

Written by on July 2nd 2012

Around here we love helping people see better (well, obviously in snazzy frames). Learning more and more about optical it makes you start to wonder how exactly other people see…it’s a funny thing sight is, because we can never really understand the way another person sees. Do we all see the same green? Is the green that you see the same as the one I see? How is it different? We stumbled across a podcast  by Radiolab discussing this very thing. Colors is the name of the episode, a totally mind blowing podcast!  Thanks for the education Radiolab!

Image from

Do you have a favorite podcast? What is it?

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Dr. Brad Speaks…

Written by on March 7th 2012

Spring has sprung and it’s time to start those outdoor projects, but don’t forget to wear your sunglasses!  Wearing sunglasses provides benefits beyond the obvious comfort and looking even cooler than you already are.  A good pair of sunglasses blocks 100% of the sun’s UV rays.  Why is this important?  The eyelids are the second most likely spot to get skin cancer and exposure to UV rays is a proven cause of skin cancer.  Pterygin, a non-malignant but vision threatening growth on the cornea, is another harmful effect of UV exposure.

But, wait…there’s more!

The acceleration of the onset of cataracts and macular degeneration are caused by the accumulated exposure of UV throughout your life.

So now you have all the excuses you need to get yourself a fantastic pair of sunglasses!


Dr. Brad

p.s. check out the beauties below


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Bugs VS. Popeye

Written by on November 18th 2011
As promised, Dr. Brad Newton is
sharing his eye health wisdom
every week.  This  week we asked doc…
Are carrots good for your eyes??? Carrots do have Vitamin A, which is necessary for retinal function but they are also right up there with potatoes as one of the starchiest veggies. They can cause a spike in your blood sugar that is not good for your eyes or any other organ in your body. Spinach or other dark green leafy vegetables contain the vitamins your eyes need including lutein, which is very important for retinal health. So when the dust settles, Popeye wins! Thats all Folks!!!
Do you have any eye health questions?  Post any questions and Brad will do his best to answer them.  Don’t forget to eat your greens!!! Yum :)

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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!!!

Written by on November 15th 2011

Just a few weeks ago…we received our new Anne et Valentin frames from the trade show in Paris.  This Factory One model in a gorgeous royal blue was one of the many frames we received.  Although this model has been around before this season…this is a brand new color and we love it!!!

Dr. Brad will be posting his own tidbits of knowledge starting next week.  Did you know that carrots are not as good for your vision as most people perceive?!  Stay tuned for details!

Come in tomorrow, get your eyes checked, see Dr. Newton’s next fabulous shirt and check out his specs:)

Check back tomorrow for more info on Anne et Valentin trunk show this Saturday, November 19th from 11-5 PM. Anne et Valentin is known for their colorful, and playful glasses. They are for the person who enjoys wearing their glasses and wants an individualistic look. As their tagline states, “Delighted to be yourself!” The collection has a large variety of plastic and metal frames for men and women….from tortoise to red to blue.

We are officially open on Mondays from 11am-7pm, now through the end of January. No need for an appointment…just stop on in!!!
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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!!!

Written by on October 28th 2011
Wow…this Mykita frame looks so retro on Brad!  The warm yellow hue as well as the softly curved shape are super flattering.  The glasses are big enough to give him a large viewing area, but do not overwhelm his face.  His button-down shirt is awesome as usual with its western style embroidery. The turquoise bolo tie stands out against the neutral colors of Brad’s outfit…although the newly grown mustache is what completes the look!
Did you know that even when it gets cold and gray outside this winter, you will still need sunglasses to protect your eyes?  UV rays from the sun are always there…and can cause early development of cataracts and a host of other vision-hampering problems.  Sunglasses protect you from wind exposure, which is a must in Chicago!  
Check out the awesome photoshoot in Z Magazine (Switzerland Edition)…the model is wearing Mykita frames.  Stop in at Eye Spy to see them in person!!!
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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!!!

Written by on October 8th 2011
We just can’t get enough of Dr. Newton’s sweet shirts!  How can one person have so many cool clothes?  This button-down trucker shirt is a barrel o’fun…ha:)

If there was a spokesman for Rapp, Brad would be it.  He seems to be able to rock any Rapp frame including this model “Tom”.  We love the modern take on a vintage shape.
The glasses outline the shape of his eyes, they follow his brow line and accent his retro shirt.  The honey color is great with his complexion and fair hair. 

Hmmm, I wonder what he’ll wear next?!  Find out in person by getting an exam next Wednesday…

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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!!!

Written by on September 9th 2011
All hope abandon, ye who enter here…

Ahoy, hope everyone is ready to unleash their inner pirate for international Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th!  It looks like Dr. Newton is ready, with his parrot and his wicked glasses.

The Anne et Valentin frames Brad wore yesterday were worthy of a pirate and his cool shirt sure sealed the deal :)  We think that it is fantastic the way these frames follow his eyebrow line.  The dark to light hue is so modern and the model comes in so many varieties of colors!  Dr. Brad Newton is here to give exams every Wednesday from 12-7pm….so come on by and get your peepers checked.

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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!!!

Written by on September 1st 2011
We caught Dr. Newton relaxing before his first patient of the day.  His Anne Et Valentin frames match his hip button-down shirt perfectly…

Speaking of relaxing, don’t forget to join us tonight for the opening of Art Lakeview from 6pm – 8pm.  See fabulous art by our featured artist, Devin Shea and enjoy some wine, cheese and crackers. yum!

 “My Pink Boots” by Devin Shea- Acrylic on Canvas 20″x24″

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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!

Written by on August 24th 2011
What a bummer, the Seafood Market across the street isn’t open yet :(  Oh, well…today is the perfect day for fishing and swimming and Dr. Newton is prepared with his fishing rod, swimming goggles, and a spectacular shirt to boot!
Here, at Eye Spy, we adore these swim goggles from Liberty Sport.  They have ultra-soft thermoplastic padding for a shockproof and watertight seal, and adjustable head strap and bridge.  Did we mention that they also come in super fun colors such as green, blue, and purple?   
Rock them wtih a pair of trivex, shatterproof lenses, and you are all set for a day of fun in the sun!!!
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