Eye Spy with My Little Eye

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Written by on May 10th 2010
Once upon a time, in 2005, a girl named Erin sought new eyewear. She searched high and low the miles of Chicago blocks until she came upon Eye Spy Optical, like a beacon in the rain….

At Eye Spy, Erin met a young man named Sean. He had a mohawk and Erin knew she was in the right place. Sean guided Erin to a display of eyeglass frames in pastels, in bright colors of blue and yellow, frames covered in rhinestones! Hand painted flowers on the sides! If loving these Francis Klein frames was wrong, Erin didn’t want to be right.

And so, on that day so many years ago, a girl named Erin found her eyeglass soulmate in a beautiful lilac frame with silver decoration from Francis Klein. And they lived happily ever after……until……Erin lost the frame…..!!!

It’s not so easy to replace a missing piece of one’s heart. Still in mourning, Erin moved on to other, more sparkly, more colorful, fantastic and glorious Francis Klein frames!

But still, a piece of her eyewear life was missing. What’s a girl to do?
The obstacles were endless. The original frame was purchased five years ago, maybe the frame wasn’t in stock! Maybe the color of the frame wasn’t available! Oh dear!
Hush hush now, don’t cry. Here at Eye Spy, we’ll go that extra mile to reunite lost loves. We tracked down the original color and design. Contacted Francis Klein all the way in France and made sure that we could replace, exactly, Erin’s lost frame, which she fondly refers to as her “My Little Pony” frame.

Now, Erin and her frame can live happily ever after.

And oh, by the way, she’s totally CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!

Lafont in the house this weekend!
Our fabulous Lafont sales rep is lending us his entire collection of frames this weekend….so we will have the collection from Friday the 14th through Sunday the 16th. If you have been searching for the perfect retro frame, you are in luck! Stop in to see all the great frames in tons of shapes and colors!