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Customer Of the Week!!!!

Written by on March 16th 2014

Big St. Patty’s Day cheer for our new Customer Of the Week, Margaret!!


After much deliberation, anticipation, and waiting…Margaret decided to go with a customized pair of Anni Shades “Chapman” in Sapele wood! We love our wooden frames, so we were more than happy to put Phil (one of the craftsmen behind Anni Shades) over in Alliance, Ohio to work on these one-of-a-kind beauties! Now, in any dire situation, Margaret will always have some wood to knock on…just in case.  :-)

By the way, there of less than a handful of wooden frame designers out there, and even fewer who do it right. And Anni Shades are only sold in a handful of store across the entire country. How’s THAT for exclusive, guys!?