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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!!!

Written by on October 28th 2011
Wow…this Mykita frame looks so retro on Brad!  The warm yellow hue as well as the softly curved shape are super flattering.  The glasses are big enough to give him a large viewing area, but do not overwhelm his face.  His button-down shirt is awesome as usual with its western style embroidery. The turquoise bolo tie stands out against the neutral colors of Brad’s outfit…although the newly grown mustache is what completes the look!
Did you know that even when it gets cold and gray outside this winter, you will still need sunglasses to protect your eyes?  UV rays from the sun are always there…and can cause early development of cataracts and a host of other vision-hampering problems.  Sunglasses protect you from wind exposure, which is a must in Chicago!  
Check out the awesome photoshoot in Z Magazine (Switzerland Edition)…the model is wearing Mykita frames.  Stop in at Eye Spy to see them in person!!!
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