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Small Distractions

Written by on September 28th 2012

Oh happy Friday! It’s the end of the week and we bet you could use a small distraction. Or if you are like us…you would be oh-so-happy to have someone tell you a story while you work.

Well, we have found an interesting This American Life episode from the beginning of the summer. If you are not familiar with This American Life, each week there is a theme to the episode and a few stories on that theme. The show is produced by Chicago Public Media and distributed by Public Radio International.  Invisible Made Visible was a special edition of the show that they did live on stage and it was beamed to movie theaters all over. The episode features  “Ryan Knighton, a blind guy who had a very peculiar experience with a hotel room telephone. Knighton, tells this story about trying to get his daughter to understand his blindness.”

Take a listen and laugh a little, and enjoy your Friday!