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Anne et Valentin Trunk Show this Saturday!!!

Written by on November 6th 2012

The Anne et Valentin trunk show is almost here! This Saturday, November 10th you will be able to view and try-on hundreds of Anne et Valentin frames from the new 2013 collection that will be here for one day only!

Anne et Valentin is known for their colorful and playful glasses.  Anne et Valentin uses vibrant colors in many flattering shapes.  They are for the person who enjoys wearing their glasses and wants a signature look.  The collection has a large variety of plastic and metal frames for men and women, so let us help you find the pair that best fits your personality.   Below is a sneak peek of some snazzy new shapes…

Trunk shows are NOT sales…they are exclusive events where the sales rep from each line brings his or her samples for all to try-on. Every sample that the rep has, will be in the store for the weekend only. The shows are open to the public on Saturdays from 11-5 PM...and BY APPOINTMENT only on Sundays from 12-3 PM. 

This is your one and only chance to see every color and every shape available in the current collections. We carry a majority of each collection, but we do not have room to stock the entire collection of each line. If you have been looking for the perfect pair or have something specific in mind, this is the time to come in to Eye Spy. You will be like a kid in a candy shop!!

Oh, and did we mention that these trunk shows will be showcasing the 2013 collections that are not in any stores yet? The only drawback is: you might have to wait a few weeks or a few months to receive your frames….but it will be worth it!! See you soon:-)

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Plant-Based Glasses…What?!

Written by on October 12th 2012

We are absolutely crazy about color at Eye Spy.  That’s why we are in love with cellulose-based acetate frames!!!  Cellulose-based acetate is the highest quality plastic for making glasses; it is strong, lightweight, and flexible.  It is also natural , best for you skin, and the best material for intense bold color!

What is the difference between cellulose acetate frames and injection molded plastic frames?

Injection mold frames are made by injecting a more brittle petroleum based plastic that is liquefied, then injected into an aluminum or stainless steel mold. Colors are added through a spray application then coated and tumbled for shine. Injection mold frames are generally less expensive but considered to be lower quality and harmful to the environment:(

Unlike injection molded plastic frames, cellulose based acetate is made from natural elements.  Wood pulp and cotton fibers are used to create this advanced material and it is one of the highest rated hypoallergenics in the world!!!  It is also bio-degradable and from a renewable source.

This natural material arrives in sheet form and is subsequently hand-crafted using over 60 different processes.  It is soft and malleable and feels nice on your skin.  It takes on rich and complex color treatments and has widest range for transparency, rich colors, and finishes. More complex colorations are able to be produced by layering several colors or transparencies in layers and sandwiching them together. There are endless possibilities for these laminated acetates.  Cellulose Acetate for eye wear is made by forming layers of plastic into large blocks then carefully slicing individual parts, hand polishing and finally assembling them into a frame.

Wow, that’s a lot of info, but it is important when you are in the market for new glasses!  Look for the frames that will not only help you look your best…but are made with best quality plastic.  May we suggest you check out some new Anne et Valentin, Theo, or Rapp frames:)




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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on September 15th 2012

Our Customer of the Week is Nate! How could we resist??

Nate looks adorable in his new Etnia Kids frames.  He loves blue and could not resist these textured beauties for his very first pair:)

He didn’t know it, but these eyeglasses are hot off the press! We *just* received these Etnia Kids Metroville frames…and this style has not even been released yet in the US!! It is available in 9 great color combos. Yes, nine colors. Nate is lucky that he had his heart set on blue glasses before he walked into Eye Spy…’cause it would have been a tough decision!

Now until the end of October…kids’ lenses are FREE with a purchase of EX3 anti-reflective coating.  Ask us about the details…

Congrats, Nate, you are our Customer of the Week!!!

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Anne et Valentin Sneak Peek…

Written by on September 14th 2012

Here is a peek at the new Anne et Valentin specs we saw at the Las Vegas trade show this year…

The top two shapes “Can” and “Cure” are oversized and quirky, inspired by everything Rock-n-Roll!

The frame above, “Lou”, has great texture accented by bold pops of color…and is considered the Wonder Woman model.  Who wouldn’t feel like a super hero wearing these spectacular specs?

The shades below, “Dallas” and “Dakar” are also inspired by texture and have soft but striking color combinations.  Drool!!!

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New Theo Eye Witness Frames!!!

Written by on September 13th 2012

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw these *spectacular Theo Eye Witness specs at the trade show last week!

The avant-garde design and bright colors are right up our alley.   The bold pattern is fantastic…and so is the exaggerated shape! The Eye Witness frames are special and so are the select few who purchase these frames. They are produced in very small quantities and are a limited edition series. You can be sure that you will not have the same simply spectacular specs as your BFF:-)

The Eye Witness line was launched in May 1995.  And guess what? These specs are asymmetrical! If you look closely, you can see that the left and right side of the frame are slightly different.  Each model will *not* fit everyone the same. An Eye Witness frame must be chosen that is in harmony with your own facial features….and with the help of the professionals at Eye Spy!

We can’t wait to get these beauties in…we will keep you posted!!!

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Back-To-School with Free Lenses!!!

Written by on August 8th 2012

It’s back-to-school season again, even thought it still feels like summer!  Time to head on out and find new backpacks and clothes, since the little ones grow like weeds over the summer.  Eye check-ups are important and maybe some new glasses too!!! And what could be better than frames that grow with your little one! Our new Etnia children’s frames have adjustable temples that will lengthen as your kids grow,  how awesome is that ?  You can even schedule an appointment at Eye Spy… the doctor is in on Thursdays and Sundays:)

Also, from now through the end of October, when you add Super Hi-Vision EX3 Anti-Reflective Coating to your kid’s lenses, you get FREE impact-resistant lenses, worth up to a $140!! That includes all students, even the college-level ones!  What is this EX3 coating, you ask?  While all types of anti-reflective coating reduce glare, EX3 is far superior to most because of its extreme scratch resistance and because it repels dirt and water.  Since students spend most of their time on the computer, they need an anti-reflective coating they can count on!

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New Line!!! New Frames!

Written by on August 3rd 2012

It’s been quite the summer here at Eye Spy: a new employee, Theo Trunk Show,  Anne et Valentin Trunk Show and now the August Sunglass Sale.  So, needless to say…we have been super busy!  But we’re never too busy to get in an awesome new line of frames.

(drum roll please…) Introducing the Caroline Abram line!  Aren’t they wonderful?  We are obsessed with the flattering shapes and the colors are too hot to resist.  Get out of the hot summer sun this weekend and check out our new frames…we will have tasty cheese and cold drinks to boot:)

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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on July 17th 2012

Our Customer of the Week is Eugenie!

Eugenie looks so glamorous in her new Anne et Valentin frames.  We love that round glasses are so in fashion right now.  This pair is extra special with its matte finish and thick plastic.   Eugenie’s light blue eyes sparkle against the dark blue.

Congrats, Eugenie, you are our Customer of the Week!


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THEO TRUNK SHOW…on Thursday!

Written by on July 11th 2012

We couldn’t be more excited for our Theo Trunk Show tomorrow (it’s from 2-8pm). We will be kicking off the day with a friendly BBQ and some good ol’ apple pie! Theo has been alive and making superb specs since 1989! Each pair is beautifully handcrafted in Belgium and comes in a gorgeous array of colors!


Sharing the event with Theo will be the lovely ladies from Girls Rock! Chicago. Girls Rock! is dedicated to fostering girls’ creative expression, positive self-esteem and community awareness through rock music.

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Customer of the Week!

Written by on July 3rd 2012

Drumroll please…….Our Customer of the Week is: Johnny!


We LOVE how these Theo’s look on him. John, being a fan of Eye Spy since 2000, found just the right frame in this great royal blue and ocean blue…which are fitting colors since you can find him hanging with the sea life down at the Shedd Aquarium.

John’s very first pair of Theo’s was also a round metal frame…but in between, he ventured into acetate frames designed by Lafont and Claire Goldsmith.  Johnny’s hairstylist is around the corner, Heidi at Shear Style, so we are always happy when he stops in to say hi… and occasionally to get new eyewear after getting his locks trimmed !

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