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Customer of the Week

Written by on February 25th 2013

Introducing Laura, our customer of the week! She is loving her new Thierry Lasry Supremacy frame. Laura came in wanting something big, bold and different…so, we popped the sun lenses out of these Thierry Lasry sunglasses and BAM! A perfect match! Laura in her new Thierry Lasry frames

They fit Laura’s sweet sense of style and lovely personality  Wondering why she looks familiar?  Well  Laura is a  local artist who is a pretty baller cartoonist! (HOW COOL!) Check out some of her work. We might have a small friend crush on her and her work… :) Laura you look awesome! Thanks for being our customer of the week!

Let’s take a closer look at her frame, shall we?

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Written by on December 31st 2012

Check out our new friend Gina. She is rock’in it, in her brand sparkly new Francis Klein Help frames! Gina fell in love with these frames, came back to visit them weekly, now they are finally hers!

Gina is going to be the coolest instructor on campus. Who wouldn’t love an art history lecture with this lady? Just to add some bonus cool points, she also is a roller derby skater! Congrats on being our customer of the week Gina! You look so awesome in your new Francis Klein Help glasses!

Check out the sweet details on this frame. Cat-eye-ed and sparkly what more do you want?

Note: These lovely Francis Klein frames can be custom ordered in a seemingly endless variety of colors and decor.


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Customer of the Week!

Written by on December 19th 2012

Check out how happy our customer of the week Renata is! She is super pumped to have her new Anne et Valentin Cook frames! 

Renata is a actress turned financial consultant. You go girl! She is looking sassy *and* trustworthy in her new frames. Check out the detail on these frames below!

We love the purple with a pop of orange on the sides. These frames are just what a sass pants like Renata needs! You look awesome lady!! Congrats on being our customer of the week.

Note: Renata also brought in a few friends to help her decide and they ended up getting frames!  She’s earned a generous store credit of $50 for each friend that she referred:-) And don’t forget that our referral discounts go both ways;-)

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Getting Excited? Theo is almost here…

Written by on November 15th 2012

We all know you are getting excited for our Theo trunk show on Saturday! We know we are! We can’t wait to see all the exciting new colors and frames from the 2013 collection! We thought we would throw you a little teaser to hold you over till Saturday.

We will see you Saturday 11-5pm. Don’t worry we will have some snacks for you to nosh on while you make your decisions!

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Brand New Caroline Abrams are in!!!

Written by on November 8th 2012

Geeze! It has been so gloomy lately in Chicago, we needed a little happiness to brighten up our day. Our UPS delivery guy, Erwin, came to our rescue with a package of brand spankin new Caroline Abram frames! We received some awesome new shapes and a sprinkling of the original ones in new colors! Don’t see a color you like? Let us know…each frame comes in at least six colors. Enjoy!

Caroline Abram Darling and Diane frames

Caroline Abram Minois and Babeth

Caroline Abram Charlie and Casimir Frames



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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on November 8th 2012

Winter is almost here and it’s been super gray and rainy in Chicago lately. But have no worries, our Customer of the week, Felicia, brightens things up in her beautiful new Caroline Abram frames!

Deborah by Caroline Abram


Felicia found Eye Spy back in 2009 from one of our snazzy CTA ads, bought sparkly Francis Kleins, and has been in love with Eye Spy ever since! She has been drooling over this pair for a few months now and finally took the plunge. This is her second pair of glasses from us and we could not be happier to see her in such a lovely pair! Congrats on being our Customer of the week Felicia…you sure do look like sunshine!

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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on August 11th 2012

Our Customer of the Week is Vanessa!

Wow…Vanessa looks just darling in her new Francis Klein specs.  She works as a hairdresser at Wicker Park’s Art + Science and now she’s as hip as her hairstyles!  We love this brand new Francis Klein model, Wing, because of it large viewing area and vintage feel.  With all of the sparkle, Vanessa will definitely stop traffic!

Congrats, Vanessa, you are our Customer of the Week!!!








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New Line!!! New Frames!

Written by on August 3rd 2012

It’s been quite the summer here at Eye Spy: a new employee, Theo Trunk Show,  Anne et Valentin Trunk Show and now the August Sunglass Sale.  So, needless to say…we have been super busy!  But we’re never too busy to get in an awesome new line of frames.

(drum roll please…) Introducing the Caroline Abram line!  Aren’t they wonderful?  We are obsessed with the flattering shapes and the colors are too hot to resist.  Get out of the hot summer sun this weekend and check out our new frames…we will have tasty cheese and cold drinks to boot:)

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Hola, Sonia…Welcome to Eye Spy!!!

Written by on July 12th 2011

Sonia is our sassy new optician here at Eye Spy.  We are super excited about the Get-It Done-Diva.  She has 4 years of optical experience and she looks fantastic in these Francis Klein specs.

Here is a little more about our new star:

Why do you like being an optician?
-  I love to put people in the dopest glasses that exist.

What catches your lil” eye at Eye Spy?
- We have glasses for the unique individuals, not the mainstream frames that large chains carry.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
- I have an obsession with pigs, I even have pig pajamas … and underwear =)

What is your celebrity crush?
- Common.

How do you feel about stray cats?
- Funny you should ask, but I just took in a stray cat!  My son named her Chicago and she is spotted like a cow!

What is your favorite food?
- Buffalo wings, by a long shot.

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