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Customer of the Week!

Written by on June 28th 2011
Our Customer of the Week is DANA!!!

We love the chocolate brown Lafont frames on Dana, the pink accents really make them pop!  This pair is sophisticated with angles that give them a modern twist. They are made of titanium which makes them super strong with half of the weight.

Lafont’s fabulous mix of colors and patterns can also be seen in Dana’s second pair.  The sunglasses get Dana ready for a summer of great Chicago weather (fingers crossed), and really give her a glow!  These lenses are polarized to help eliminate glare and give Dana a clearer view of her surroundings.

Congrats DANA, you are our Customer of the Week!!!

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Yikes! 20% of eyeglass wearers drive without their prescription glasses!?!

Written by on January 14th 2011

According to a study by Essilor one in five eyeglass wearers drives without their prescription glasses, choosing instead to wear non-prescription sunglasses.

The study also shows that “Drivers wearing polarized, prescription sunglasses are less likely to report problems seeing during winter and day-driving.”
This is a really interesting study that shows the benefits of wearing polarized lenses. They not only improve vision and perception, but also improve reaction times when driving.
Read all about it:

DALLAS, Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — More than 90 percent of decisions and reactions made behind the wheel depend on good vision. While many believe a bright, sunny day is optimal for driving, the reality is that blinding glare from sun, snow and vehicles is a significant contributing factor to fatal auto accidents. Additionally, a recent survey commissioned by Essilor of America, Inc., the world leader in eyeglass lenses, revealed a disturbing fact that 20 percent of eyeglass wearers sometimes drive without their prescription glasses and instead wear non-prescription sunglasses, quickly making day-driving unnecessarily treacherous.

For blinding glare when driving, simple solutions abound in the form of polarized, prescription sunglasses. In fact, a clinical study conducted by Essilor as a precursor to the survey found that driver reaction times improve by one-third of a second for drivers who wear polarized lenses. For a car traveling 50 miles per hour, one-third of a second allows a driver to stop 23 feet sooner, or the length of an intersection. In glare-intense situations, polarized lenses improve vision clarity by 75 percent, as opposed to ordinary sun lenses, allowing wearers to enjoy better clarity of vision.

“Only one-third of eyeglass wearers have prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses,” said Kim Schuy, Senior Global Director of Marketing, Essilor. “As our roadways heat up this winter and glare from the sun and snow increases, it’s critical that consumers discuss with their eyecare professional the life-saving benefits of prescription, polarized lenses.”

Trouble seeing while driving on sunny and/or snowy days is very common among glasses-wearers. However, those with prescription sunglasses, particularly those with polarized lenses, experience less trouble. Specifically, over 60 percent of eyeglass wearers surveyed agree that when driving during the day, glare from sun and snow makes it difficult to see while driving, notes Essilor’s survey.


It’s our favorite time of the year: THE JANUARY SALE AT EYE SPY!
This year, we went all out with selected Anne et Valentin and Lafont frames at 50% off, tons of other frames at 25% off and 15% off AND Frost frames for $75!!!!!
Stop by and find an awesome new frame that you can brag about to all your friends!


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Customer of the Week!

Written by on December 14th 2010

This week, our Customer of the Week is Stacie!

Stacie chose two frames when she was in the store, but this week we decided to focus on her fantastic new shades!

Stacie not only looks great in her new Anne et Valentin specs, but she’ll also be able to see just fine when the sun gets all shimmery on all of this snow and ice we’ve got hanging around.

Congratulations Stacie, you’re our Customer of the Week!

Too many flex dollars, not enough time? At Eye Spy, we accept flex dollars and will make sure that you find quality handmade glasses as well as the best possible lenses for your prescription. Just ask and we’ll be happy to help you find an *awesome* new pair of specs!


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HOORAY! New Maui Jim frames!!!

Written by on November 18th 2010

As we pay close attention to our Farmer’s Almanacs and check weather.com daily for any sign of snow in the future, we at Eye Spy know that winter is right around the corner.

So why, you may ask, are we getting all giddy and hyper over sunglasses?

Because, the sun’s rays shine bright whether we like it or not and the glare off that snow and ice that is on its way is gonna be BRIGHT!

So, to get ready for the winter glare and shine, we have a TON of new Maui Jim frames in stock!

They’re all polarized so driving on those winter roads will be a little easier on the eyes when the sun hits the ice and snow.

They’re also pretty.

We can’t wait to outfit our Eye Spy customers in these Maui Jim frames!

We are giddy with anticipation for our trunk shows every Saturday in November, which will feature all of the new frames from our favorite lines! Hundreds of new frames, in every style and color imaginable…we’re getting dizzy just thinking about it! Come in next weekend for the LAFONT Trunk Show on Saturday, November 20 from 11-5!

And if, during the month of November, you bring canned food for donation to Lakeview Pantry, we will take $25 off your complete Rx eyewear purchase.

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Written by on October 19th 2010

This week, the Customer of the Week is LESLIE!

Leslie was tons of fun to help as she tried on and ultimately chose this awesome Francis Klein sunglass frame.

Many of you may know Francis Klein as the company that makes glasses with rhinestones and flowers and carving and painted details. But they also know how to tone it down just enough, when necessary.

We love Francis Klein frames and the many personalities they can compliment. We also love this frame and think Leslie is a genius for choosing this style!

Congratulations Leslie, you’re our Customer of the Week!

We are giddy with anticipation for our trunk shows every Saturday in November which will feature all of the new frames from our favorite lines! Hundreds of new frames, in every style and color imaginable…we’re getting dizzy just thinking about it!

And if, during the month of November, you bring canned food for donation to Lakeview Pantry, we will take $25 off your complete Rx purchase!

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Customer of the Week!

Written by on August 31st 2010
You know what’s great about funky glasses? They allow you to show the world a little bit of your personality without having to say a word. They’re a silent handshake “Hello.” No, they’re more like a hug.
When Grace came in to Eye Spy last week and saw this Francis Klein frame with little bumble bees painted in the corners, she found her new look. We love this frame on Grace and we can’t imagine it on anyone else.

I know, Right?!

Congratulations, Grace! You’re our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!


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Think about your eyes!

Written by on May 26th 2010

The other day a lovely woman came in looking for a good pair of sunglasses. She needed, “The best lenses available.” We looked at both Kaenon and Maui Jim frames, as they have extremely well-made polarized sun lenses and after much consideration, she chose the Maui Jim. Her doctor had recommended she get better sunglasses because this lovely woman, with two lovely kids, had just recovered from eye cancer.

You see, getting an eye exam is about a lot more than checking your prescription. Our doctor will check for Glaucoma, High Blood Pressure, Cataracts, Diabetes, and Thyroid Disease, among other conditions that may first show signs in the eye.

This group organized a flash mob in NYC to raise awareness about eye health.

Take care of your eyes, they truly are the window to your soul!


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We’ll have fun fun fun in the sun sun sun

Written by on April 14th 2010

Woo-Hoo! New sunglasses are arriving every day! It’s makes our hears a flutter and our minds a twitter and our eye a glimmer! We can’t wait to see these awesome new shapes on all of our customers’ pretty pretty faces!

Pretty Party!

Check out these new Kaenon and Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses!

And a reminder–for the whole month of April, Eye Spy is celebrating a GREEN SCENE. If you ride your bike or the CTA to Eye Spy, you get 10% off a pair of Rx specs. If you donate an old pair of glasses, you receive $25 off a new pair of Rx frames! So come on by and celebrate a greener earth with Eye Spy!
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Awesome. Awesomer. Awesomest.

Written by on March 16th 2010

You know what’s awesome?

Make overs.

You know what’s awesomer?


This weekend, Eye Spy is having a Party! We love parties. We love make overs. We love helping our customers discover a whole new look and attitude just by adding a little something something to their eyewear collection.

We also love that the sun is starting to shine so we’ve invited two of our favorite sunglass lines to the party! Representatives from Kaenon and Ray Ban will be at Eye Spy from ,12-5 on Saturday, March 20, showing off the new new frames! We’ll also have the ic! berlin Tres Chic collection! I know, you’ve already got the dated marked on your calendar with a big big heart.

Hey, Kaenon, what’s up?

Lookin’ good, Ray-Ban. Lookin’ Real good.

ic! berlin, ooh la la.

Eye Spy is having a makeover party and sunglass show!
Stop by the store on Saturday, March 20 and get a new look just in time for Spring!
Get a free makeover!
Delight in the Tres Chic collection from ic!berlin
Check out the newest sunglasses from Kaenon and Ray-Ban!


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Written by on July 11th 2009

This week, our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK is Christine!

Christine came in to the store looking for fun sunglasses to wear about town, we knew right away that she would look incredible in this Anne et Valentin sunglass. These Anne et Valetine sunglasses add a touch whimsey perfect for Christine’s look!

Congratulations, Christine Marino! Your new Anne et Valentin sunglasses look awesome!

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