Eye Spy with My Little Eye

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Variety is the spice of life!

Written by on March 9th 2011

I just had a really great conversation with a customer. We talked about how wonderful it is to have more than one pair of glasses so you can express with your eyewear how you feel on any particular day.

Feeling like you want to be subtle? Wear the Mykita that has great angles, but, thanks to it’s stainless steel frame, doesn’t overwhelm your features.

Feeling BOLD? Wear the Theo Soixante + 1 and show the world that YES you are wearing RED glasses because you are JUST THAT AWESOME.

Feeling gritty, gross, tired, and so sick of winter you just might quit your job and move to Portugal? Save yourself the time and energy and put on a sparkly Francis Klein. They’re an instant mood booster!

Ahh, the expression that a new pair of glasses can bring to our days. That’s just one of the reasons we LOVE eyewear, it’s such a great way of speaking without saying a single word!

Makeover Party!
Saturday, March 26th from 12-5 PM,
Freshen up your face with a free make-up makeover by Lillian Sakamaki.
Change up your look with one of our new frames from Mykita, Anne et Valetin, Francis Klein, or one of our other fancy and delightful lines.

We will providing wine and cheese, you provide the pretty faces!