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New Lafont and Etnia Kids Frames!!!

Written by on October 17th 2011
We just got in a new line of kids frames…designed in Spain!  Etnia Barcelona kids frames are so innovative with their vibrant colors and awesome textures.  What kid would fuss about wearing glasses with fun frames like these?

Below are some new additions to our Lafont family.  The classic shapes combined with funky patterns are bold without being overwhelming!   

Drop on in to Eye Spy Optical to see some more newcomers and stay tuned…tons of frames will be on their way in the next couple of months!!!
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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on October 16th 2011
Our Customer of the Week is John :)

John is sooooo adorable in his new 2.5 Italee frames…he captured our hearts with his gentleman-like mannerisms and his shy smile.  Italee frames are perfect for children because of their flexibility.  The temples can be trimmed to the perfect adjustment and the ends are curved so they stay put! 

2.5 frames are Swiss made and also come in adult sizes.  2.5 frames are made from a high performance, lightweight, and hypo-allergenic plastic while weighing only 2.5 grams!  You can mix and match lens shapes and colors to make them your own.

Congrats, John, you are our Customer of the Week!

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Guess Who is Turning 13?

Written by on October 14th 2011

Eye Spy Optical is turning 13 on Saturday the 15th…yay!  Come join us for some yummy cupcakes and homemade spiked punch.  There will be giveaways, a flash sale, and LIVE MUSIC!!!  You can even snatch a gift certificate for a free haircut from Spoil Me Salon.

We are so excited that singer/songwriter, Matthew Santos, will be performing from 12-3pm.  He is best known for his grammy-winning collaboration “Superstar” with hip hop artist, Lupe FiascoCome join the fun!!!

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Awesome Eyeball Cupcakes for Halloween…YUM!!!

Written by on October 13th 2011
What would a Halloween be without eyeball cupcakes?  A boring one, for sure!  We really like this video with its adorable desserts.  Maybe the Specs Wrangler shall wrangle some up for our 13th Anniversary Party this Saturday.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it…
We are so excited because Matthew Santos is performing LIVE from 12-3pm on Saturday!!!  He is best known for his grammy-winning collaboration “Superstar” with hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco.  Stop on by…there will be food, cocktails, giveaways, and even gift certificates for haircuts from Spoil Me Salon.  It will be a blast.

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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on October 9th 2011
Our Customer of the Week is Lauren!!!  Lauren is a singer/songwriter that visited us from sunny Los Angeles.  You may have heard one of her songs off the Pretty Woman soundtrack or during the Just Shoot Me credits.  She is one cool chick….

Lauren purchased this sparkling Francis Klein frame, Tatia, which is definitely fit for a rock star.  Francis Klein is a small company out of France that hand-makes their frames and also decorates them by hand.  This means that you can buy them as-is or have them custom-made.

Lauren chose to purchase a custom-made second frame – same model – in a leopard print.  Ooh la la, we can’t wait to see them!!!

Congrats, Lauren, you are our Customer of the Week!

p.s. you should totally check out Lauren’s website

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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!!!

Written by on October 8th 2011
We just can’t get enough of Dr. Newton’s sweet shirts!  How can one person have so many cool clothes?  This button-down trucker shirt is a barrel o’fun…ha:)

If there was a spokesman for Rapp, Brad would be it.  He seems to be able to rock any Rapp frame including this model “Tom”.  We love the modern take on a vintage shape.
The glasses outline the shape of his eyes, they follow his brow line and accent his retro shirt.  The honey color is great with his complexion and fair hair. 

Hmmm, I wonder what he’ll wear next?!  Find out in person by getting an exam next Wednesday…

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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on October 3rd 2011
Our Customer of the Week is Merida!

Halloween is approaching, but there is nothing scary about these Anne et Valentin frames on Merida.  The frame accentuates her heart-shaped face and the deep purple hue looks great with her deep brown eyes.  The soft cat-eye shape is right on trend with shapes this fall.  We love the bright lime corners which add a playful personality to the frames…Congrats Merida, you are our Customer of the Week!!!

Don’t forget to stop on by for our 13th Anniversary on Saturday, October 15th from 10am-6pm.  There will be games, cocktails, cupcakes…and give-aways!  Also, in appreciation of our long-time customers, we are having a HUGE flash sale.  Stay tuned for details:)

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Fall Back in Time…

Written by on October 1st 2011
Who knew that Eye Spy’s new feline logo would be a forecast to fall eyewear trends?  Frame shapes are super retro this year with influences ranging from the cat-eye style of the fab 50’s to the nerdy style of the funky 80’s.   Here is our guide to what is hot in optical this fall:

The Theo model above, Clyde, is bold in all the right ways.  The bold thick plastic really taps into the geek-chic look and the increased vertical depth is right on target.

The Francis Klein model, Bridge, perfectly mixes the old with the new.  New collections this season leaned towards a more rounded shape, rather then the rectangular frames of the past several years.  The beautiful hand-painted gold and the gems along the front/sides of the frame, really make these frames special.

The Lafont frame above, Gilda, is a classic cat-eye shape with a modern twist.  We love the etchings in the corners and the matte metal finish.

The Mykita Karlsson frame, from their lite collection, is a gorgeous frame that is as light as a feather.  The frame is unisex with a classic shape, yet modern with its chrome finish.

…Luckily we have all these frames in stock!  Come in and find your retro side!!!

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Silmo…Oui, Oui

Written by on September 27th 2011
The Queen of Specs is off to Paris tomorrow for Silmo!!!

What is Silmo, you ask?  Silmo is the leading trade fair for optics and eyewear and presents the world of optics and eyewear from a different angle. The organizer’s idea is to constantly track both stylistic and technological developments, as well as medical ones.  In order to really get inside the world of the optician, Silmo has created amazing presentations and informative areas covering the most relevant topics of the day.

This is a picture from  the IC Berlin booth last year at Silmo, how exciting! 

The Queen of Specs will be back with information about the most up-to-date lens technology and have sneek-peeks of the newest collections to share with you…so keep posted :)

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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on September 26th 2011
Our Customer of the Week is Judy!!!

Judy came in looking for a subtle frame, but still wanted a little edginess.  These Anne et Valentin frames rocked her socks off.  She tried these glasses first and could not imagine her life without them.  The translucent blush color is subtle but looks beautiful against her skin tone. 

This model is from the “Factory” line which is inspired by the Factory studio created by Andy Warhol in the 60s in New York.  Factory frames are designed and manufactured in France using a process different from any other.  Each frame in the Factory collection is finished and polished, then buffed or roughed to create a partially unfinished look. Some areas are polished smooth, while others have a matte or slightly rough texture.  Zamac, which is a hypo-allergenic material, was used for hinges and the temple tip detail.

Congrats, Judy, you are our Customer of the Week!!!
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