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Customer of the Week

Written by on February 25th 2013

Introducing Laura, our customer of the week! She is loving her new Thierry Lasry Supremacy frame. Laura came in wanting something big, bold and different…so, we popped the sun lenses out of these Thierry Lasry sunglasses and BAM! A perfect match! Laura in her new Thierry Lasry frames

They fit Laura’s sweet sense of style and lovely personality  Wondering why she looks familiar?  Well  Laura is a  local artist who is a pretty baller cartoonist! (HOW COOL!) Check out some of her work. We might have a small friend crush on her and her work… :) Laura you look awesome! Thanks for being our customer of the week!

Let’s take a closer look at her frame, shall we?

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Winter Break Hours

Written by on December 21st 2012

Yikes! The kids are almost on break and we have yet to post our holiday hours!?!

Official Holiday Hours:

Monday & Tuesday 12/24 & 12/25: Closed

Wednesday – Friday: 11-7

Saturday: 10-6

Sunday: 12-5

Monday 12/31: OPEN 9-5 pm!!

Tuesday 1/1/13: Closed

and back to regular hours on Wednesday, January 2nd for our January Sale!!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the gang at Eye Spy.





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Plant-Based Glasses…What?!

Written by on October 12th 2012

We are absolutely crazy about color at Eye Spy.  That’s why we are in love with cellulose-based acetate frames!!!  Cellulose-based acetate is the highest quality plastic for making glasses; it is strong, lightweight, and flexible.  It is also natural , best for you skin, and the best material for intense bold color!

What is the difference between cellulose acetate frames and injection molded plastic frames?

Injection mold frames are made by injecting a more brittle petroleum based plastic that is liquefied, then injected into an aluminum or stainless steel mold. Colors are added through a spray application then coated and tumbled for shine. Injection mold frames are generally less expensive but considered to be lower quality and harmful to the environment:(

Unlike injection molded plastic frames, cellulose based acetate is made from natural elements.  Wood pulp and cotton fibers are used to create this advanced material and it is one of the highest rated hypoallergenics in the world!!!  It is also bio-degradable and from a renewable source.

This natural material arrives in sheet form and is subsequently hand-crafted using over 60 different processes.  It is soft and malleable and feels nice on your skin.  It takes on rich and complex color treatments and has widest range for transparency, rich colors, and finishes. More complex colorations are able to be produced by layering several colors or transparencies in layers and sandwiching them together. There are endless possibilities for these laminated acetates.  Cellulose Acetate for eye wear is made by forming layers of plastic into large blocks then carefully slicing individual parts, hand polishing and finally assembling them into a frame.

Wow, that’s a lot of info, but it is important when you are in the market for new glasses!  Look for the frames that will not only help you look your best…but are made with best quality plastic.  May we suggest you check out some new Anne et Valentin, Theo, or Rapp frames:)




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Anne et Valentin Sneak Peek…

Written by on September 14th 2012

Here is a peek at the new Anne et Valentin specs we saw at the Las Vegas trade show this year…

The top two shapes “Can” and “Cure” are oversized and quirky, inspired by everything Rock-n-Roll!

The frame above, “Lou”, has great texture accented by bold pops of color…and is considered the Wonder Woman model.  Who wouldn’t feel like a super hero wearing these spectacular specs?

The shades below, “Dallas” and “Dakar” are also inspired by texture and have soft but striking color combinations.  Drool!!!

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A Pair of Sunnies to go with that Sweet New Ride…

Written by on September 11th 2012

The Queen of Specs spotted this adorable latte-colored Fiat 500 the other day. She couldn’t help but think of fabulous frames she saw at the trade show in Las Vegas…and how great the driver would look wearing a matching pair of Oliver Goldsmith sunnies!

We love this new latte-colored frame, “Casper,” by Oliver Goldsmith.  Sunglasses with clean lines, a classic shape, and a fresh new color…who can resist?!

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August Sunglass Sale!

Written by on July 25th 2012

Did you some how make it through most of the summer with out sunglasses? Not quite sure how that happened… don’t worry,  we do have a solution.  Come on by and grab a pair of lovely new sunglasses at our annual August  Sunglass (& more) Sale!  Get a great deal, look fabulous and protect your eyes and skin from damaging UV rays.

Our Sunglass (& more) Sale runs the entire month of August. From beginning to end, take advantage of discounts from 10-40% off the retail prices of almost every pair of sunglasses in the store. Yowza! Stop by sooner rather than later to take your pick of hot sunwear before your favorite pair is gone. And because we are feeling a little crazy this year, we are also putting a few of our eyeglasses lines on sale for 10-50% off!

The simply spectacular sunglasses lines that we carry are: Mykita, Mylon, Anne et Valentin, Francis Klein, Lafont, Persol, Kaenon, SUPER, Oliver Goldsmith, Thierry Lasry and Maui Jim. Beside our current spectacular stock of sunglasses, we are also receiving select frames just for the sale that are 40% off…so take advantage of this once-a-year event!

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Time to start thinking about Daddio!

Written by on May 25th 2012

Yes, I *know* you are excited for Memorial Day this weeekend…but while you are enjoying a cold one and standing over the barbeque, it’s time to start thinking about your daddio. Father’s Day is next month!

These next three weeks will fly by…and before you know it, BAM. It’s Father’s Day. If you did not take our advice and get your daddio a pair of sunglasses last year, or even if you did take our advice, your dad needs a new pair of shades! Take it from us.

I also know that you do *not* want your pops getting cataracts, or wrinkles, or any other bad stuff…and he needs something to update his look. No offense. So, swing by Eye Spy and we can help you pick out that perfect pair…or at least make up a gift certificate for him:-)

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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on May 22nd 2012

Christopher managed to be our Customer of the Week even while serving our country overseas!  Wow!!!

Chris is rockin’ awesome Kaenon sunglasses…perfect for an active lifestyle.  Kaenons are designed for complete coverage with curved frame fronts and thick sides.  The lenses are polarized with razor-sharp clarity, impact-resistance and glare-reduction, holy cow!

Thanks, Christopher, for emailing us this awesome pic.  We love it=)

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Sunglasses and Smooches!

Written by on May 16th 2012

No one loves lipstick quite like the Specs Wrangler, so we thought…why not pair some fabulous lipstick shades with some rockin’ sunglass shades?!

Purple is our favorite color at Eye Spy and we love NO. 15 by Makeup Forever.  We had to pair this amazing shade with Francis Klein’s Flower shades.  Yummy!


We adore these Theo Pine shades!  With all the wonderful textures and hues…we decided to go subtle with Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss.


Lafont’s Hampton sunglasses are bright and cheery, perfect for a hot summer day.   Why not pair them with MAC’s Good to Go for a perfect bold combo?





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Oliver Goldsmith Sunnies!

Written by on May 12th 2012

We received these awesome sunglasses, just in time for our Claire and Oliver Goldsmith Trunk Show!!!  It might be dreary outside, but it’s the perfect weather for getting massages, having a cocktail, and checking out some sweet frames.  Join us today from 11-5pm…and we’ll even help you find that special something for mom for Mother’s Day!

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