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New Sunglasses have Arrived!!!!!

Written by on April 5th 2011

We are SUPER excited for our new SUNGLASSES!

Hello, Sunshine!
We are welcoming to the store, for the first time, RETROSUPERFUTURE Sunglasses!
And, it’s good to have an old friend back in the shop. Say Hello to PERSOL!
Hooray for sunshine! (Now, if we can only get the temp to go above 40.)
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Customer of the Week!

Written by on March 1st 2011

Our Customer of the Week this week is JEAN!

Jean came in to Eye Spy to pick up a new pair of Eyebobs. While here, she fell in love with this Thierry Lasry sunglass frame. We think she looks FANTASTIC in these specs, the tortoise is highlighted by a super-secret bright red on the inside of the frame.

Congratulations, Jean, you look great in your new Thierry Lasry frame AND you’re our Customer of the Week!

Makeover Party!
Saturday, March 26th from 12-5 PM,
Freshen up your face with a free make-up makeover by Lillian Sakamaki.
Change up your look with one of our new frames from Mykita, Anne et Valetin, Francis Klein, or one of our other fancy and delightful lines.

We will providing wine and cheese, you provide the pretty faces!


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Employee Picks: Thierry Lasry Asphixy

Written by on December 5th 2010

This week the Opticianista chose a frame that spotlights just how awesome sunglasses can be All Year Round!

The Opticianista likes the orange color in this frame (look close and you’ll also see nifty gold flecks!). She likes that the orange is a bright color and that the frame has just a touch of 80s inspiration.

The frame has a confetti print, so it is not a traditional tortoise nor is it just one solid color which means that, most likely, two frames won’t look the same. The Opticianista is a fan of that unique feature of the frame, it’s something to adore about this line of sunglasses.

She also likes that it’s a cat-eye shape, but it’s one-of-a kind style makes if fashion-forward instead of a retro throwback.

And, most of all, the Opticianista is proud that Eye Spy Optical is the only store in Chicago that carries Thierry Lasry frames!

Too many flex dollars, not enough time? At Eye Spy, we accept flex dollars and will make sure that you find quality handmade glasses as well as the best possible lenses for your prescription. Just ask and we’ll be happy to help you find an *awesome* new pair of specs!

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HOORAY! New Maui Jim frames!!!

Written by on November 18th 2010

As we pay close attention to our Farmer’s Almanacs and check daily for any sign of snow in the future, we at Eye Spy know that winter is right around the corner.

So why, you may ask, are we getting all giddy and hyper over sunglasses?

Because, the sun’s rays shine bright whether we like it or not and the glare off that snow and ice that is on its way is gonna be BRIGHT!

So, to get ready for the winter glare and shine, we have a TON of new Maui Jim frames in stock!

They’re all polarized so driving on those winter roads will be a little easier on the eyes when the sun hits the ice and snow.

They’re also pretty.

We can’t wait to outfit our Eye Spy customers in these Maui Jim frames!

We are giddy with anticipation for our trunk shows every Saturday in November, which will feature all of the new frames from our favorite lines! Hundreds of new frames, in every style and color imaginable…we’re getting dizzy just thinking about it! Come in next weekend for the LAFONT Trunk Show on Saturday, November 20 from 11-5!

And if, during the month of November, you bring canned food for donation to Lakeview Pantry, we will take $25 off your complete Rx eyewear purchase.

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Written by on August 3rd 2010

This week, our Customer of the Week is JAKE!

Jake chose a fantastic pair of Kaenon sunglasses! The lucky guy, these frames were a gift from his wife, Christina!

Check out Christina in her Maui Jims and Jake in his Kaenon frames!

If you’ve been in the store and noticed a couple of really fantastic paintings on the wall, those were done by Christina! You can check out more of her work at

We love her paintings and we love that both Christina and Jake wear awesome sunglasses that look great, but also provide exceptional sun protection. Gotta protect those eyes!

It’s finally here! The August Sunglass Sale is in effect! For the entire month of August every single pair of sunglasses is on sale from 10%-30% off! Come on in and get that frame you’ve been dreaming of!!!


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Red, White, and YOU!

Written by on July 3rd 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Wear your sunglasses!!!


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Pretty in Purple!

Written by on June 4th 2010

Don’t forget that on Saturday, June 5 from 12 to 3pm, Eye Spy will be joining with Sam and Willy’s as well as many of our other neighbors to host the Pets @ Paulina pet adoption event! Visit the website for more info!


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Written by on June 2nd 2010

At Eye Spy, we have the best neighbors in the world!

The other day, Joe was bringing by posters for the Pets @ Paulina Pet adoption event. When he came into the store, he asked about new styles. Immediately, we knew he was meant for two lines, Rapp and Oliver Goldsmith. You see, we got to talking with Joe about the spectacle stylings of a one Sir Michael Caine.

Mr. Caine being bad in his OG OGs.

Joe tried on this Oliver Goldsmith sunglass frame and it was meant to be!

We’ve loved this frame since it arrived in the store and we’ve been waiting for the perfect person to take it home. Joe is that person! His shared love of the classic Oliver Goldsmith style won our hearts!

Way to go, Joe, you’re our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!!!

Don’t forget that on Saturday, June 5 from 12 to 3pm, Eye Spy will be joining with Sam and Willy’s as well as many of our other neighbors to host the Pets @ Paulina pet adoption event! Visit the website for more info!


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Think about your eyes!

Written by on May 26th 2010

The other day a lovely woman came in looking for a good pair of sunglasses. She needed, “The best lenses available.” We looked at both Kaenon and Maui Jim frames, as they have extremely well-made polarized sun lenses and after much consideration, she chose the Maui Jim. Her doctor had recommended she get better sunglasses because this lovely woman, with two lovely kids, had just recovered from eye cancer.

You see, getting an eye exam is about a lot more than checking your prescription. Our doctor will check for Glaucoma, High Blood Pressure, Cataracts, Diabetes, and Thyroid Disease, among other conditions that may first show signs in the eye.

This group organized a flash mob in NYC to raise awareness about eye health.

Take care of your eyes, they truly are the window to your soul!


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Written by on May 3rd 2010
We are sooooo excited to welcome Thierry Lasry sunglasses to Eye Spy!

We are the only store in Chicago to carry Thierry Lasry,
a line which is quite unique in both theory and practice.
The frames are all handmade with extraordinary techniques
and aesthetics. Inspired by vintage designs and created
with a modern personality, these frames are

We are in LOVE!
Mom’s the word on May 8th! Save the date for our Mother’s day Specs and Sunglasses show featuring Anne et Valentin lunettes and La Loop accessories from 11-5 on Saturday, May 8th. We’ll also have free massages from 1-4 and mimosas and munchies all day!

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