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Customer of the Week!

Written by on October 26th 2010

This week, our Customer of the Week is Patricia!

We love how this Anne et Valentin frame looks on Patricia! It makes her eyes so blue! And her hair so red! It’s wonderful that she can wear such a strong frame and it looks natural and modern.

Congratulations Patricia! Not only did you manage to find one of the newest Anne et Valentin designs to make your own, but you’re also our Customer of the Week!

We are giddy with anticipation for our trunk shows every Saturday in November which will feature all of the new frames from our favorite lines! Hundreds of new frames, in every style and color imaginable…we’re getting dizzy just thinking about it!

And if, during the month of November, you bring canned food for donation to Lakeview Pantry, we will take $25 off your complete Rx


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Written by on October 6th 2010

This week our Customers of the Week are Randy and Dennis! Yay!

Randy and Dennis had been customers of Eye Spy for years! Then they moved to Santa Fe where they were regularly asked where they got their awesome glasses. “Chicago” they’d say. Well, wouldn’t you know they missed Chicago so much they moved back! One of their first stops, once they were all settled in, was to Eye Spy where we welcomed them home with open arms and awesome new frames from Anne et Valentin and Theo!!!!

Randy looks so great in his new Theo frame!

And Dennis looks totally rad in his new Anne et Valentin frame!

Great choice, guys! We missed you! Congrats on being the Customers of the Week!

When the Specs Therapist turned 12, she got a puppy. As Eye Spy turns 12, we’ll give you something almost as awesome. Stop by the store on Saturday, October 16th from 10-6 and celebrate with in-store specials, give-aways, and food and drink! We’ll not only be celebrating our anniversary, but also the awesome frames we have in stock, including new plastic Theos, cool metal Anne et Valentins, and limited edition Rapp frames! Turning 12 is soooooooo great!
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Customer of the Week!

Written by on September 8th 2010

This week we have TWO Customers of the Week!

Glen and Anne came in to the store looking for new, funky frames. We loooove when customers want to try new styles and colors. Especially when those customers look so good in so many frames!

Anne and Glen had a lot of options and it took a while to narrow down the choices. After some debate and consideration, they settled on Rapp and Anne et Valentin frames and, WOW, do they look great!

Glen and Anne look great in their new frames! We love the color and the shapes they chose, so flattering and awesome, and that’s why they are the CUSTOMERS OF THE WEEK!


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Written by on August 17th 2010
Our Customer of the Week this week is Larry!
Larry came in to Eye Spy looking for a new pair of sunglasses. We immediately knew that Larry wasn’t going to go for any ordinary frame, so we chose this Anne et Valentin frame.

Gotta stay cool in this heat!

Anne et Valentin made some really sharp sunglasses this year and we love the way our customers have been rocking their new shades all over town!

Way to go, Larry! You’re our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!

It’s finally here! The August Sunglass Sale is in effect! For the entire month of August every single pair of sunglasses is on sale from 10%-30% off! Come on in and get that frame you’ve been dreaming of!!!


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Pretty in Purple!

Written by on June 4th 2010

Don’t forget that on Saturday, June 5 from 12 to 3pm, Eye Spy will be joining with Sam and Willy’s as well as many of our other neighbors to host the Pets @ Paulina pet adoption event! Visit the website for more info!


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Written by on May 17th 2010

Whoo-Hoo! Our Customer of the Week this week has some great timing! Jill came to Eye Spy during our Anne et Valentin trunk show and fell in love with this purple frame from the Anne et Valentin Factory series.

Anne et Valentin has the coolest inspiration! Their Factory series of frames were inspired by Andy Warhol (hence: Factory). All of the frames are polished and then re-shaped to give the edges and the temples a rough edge. Utilizing the spirit of Warhol’s Factory, this series of frames has an extra spark of personality and feel like a revelation every time they’re worn!

So you can see, Jill made a pretty awesome choice with this frame! How could we not crown her our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK?!!


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More more more! New new new! Anne et Valentin!

Written by on May 13th 2010
It seems like every day more (more more!) new (new new!) Anne et Valentin frames arrive at Eye Spy! Just this week over 20 new styles came knocking at our door!

Of course we welcomed them in with open arms! Even fed them cake and tea!

Now they just need to find the right home!

Lafont in the house this weekend!
Our fabulous Lafont sales rep is lending us his entire collection of frames this weekend….so we will have the collection from Friday the 14th through Sunday the 16th. If you have been searching for the perfect retro frame, you are in luck! Stop in to see all the great frames in tons of shapes and colors!

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Anne et Valentin Trunk Show + Eye Spy Optical = Best. Mother’s. Day…. EVER!

Written by on May 7th 2010

The excitement is almost too much!

The Mother’s Day ANNE ET VALENTIN trunk show is right around the corner!

On SATURDAY, MAY 8TH from 11-5,
we’ll have the current Anne et Valentin collection at Eye Spy!

Did we mention there will also be MIMOSAS?!

And MASSAGES from 12-4?!

Trust us, your mom has plenty of earrings….



And flowers, flowers, flowers….

But a lady can never have too many varieties of eyewear.

Come on over and celebrate the Mother’s Day weekend at EYE SPY with Anne et Valentin frames, mimosas, and massages!
Saturday, May 8th
all day long!


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doo doo doot, doo, always be my babyyyyy

Written by on May 1st 2010
we were as one baby
for a moment in time
and it seemed everlasting
that you would always be mine

Anne et Valentin sunglasses! Just arrived in the store! Love everlasting!

you’ll always be a part of me
I’m a part of you indefinitely
don’t you know you can’t escape me
ooh darling cause you’ll always be my baby

New Anne et Valentin frames!

Eye Spy and Anne et Valentin have been together for almost 12 years, but it feels like we met just yesterday. That same spark is there every time new frames arrive in the store!

Mom’s the word on May 8th! Save the date for our Mother’s day Specs and Sunglasses show featuring Anne et Valentin lunettes and La Loop accessories from 11-5 on Saturday, May 8th. We’ll also have free massages from 1-4 and mimosas and munchies all day!


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Wild on Eye Spy

Written by on April 7th 2010

In her natural habitat, the Anne et Valentin Sunglass frame lolls about the store, sunning her handmade frame in the spring light.

Listen closely and you can hear the wind rustle the grass, you can hear the birds singing, but you can also hear the sound of danger, lurking in the weeds…!

The Anne et Valentin Sunglass frame springs into action, protecting her young from the harmful UV rays of the Sun, narrowly avoiding damage to the cornea and a future filled with cataracts and wrinkles!


Wow, eyewear is SO EXCITING!

And a reminder–for the whole month of April, Eye Spy is celebrating a GREEN SCENE. If you ride your bike or the CTA to Eye Spy, you get 10% off a pair of Rx specs. If you donate an old pair of glasses, you receive $25 off a new pair of Rx frames! So come on by and celebrate a greener earth with Eye Spy!
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