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Customer of the Week!!

Written by on October 30th 2012

Lin is our Customer of the Week!  And as you can tell from her photo,  she is just a little excited about her sweet new Rapp frames!  Lin has been getting awesome specs with us since 2004. She was super lucky to pop in the day we got our new collection of Rapp frames delivered! Getting first pick, she nabbed “Ray” in aqua & brown gradient.

We are one of the lucky shops to carry Rapp, since there are only a few places in the world that are hand-picked to carry Rapp. Each frame is hand-crafted in Canada and produced on a limited run. Once it’s sold, it’s gone. The odds of running into someone with the same frame is pretty much zero!

When not searching for sweet frames, Lin can be found pursuing her passion in photography. She was the Queen of Specs’ wedding photographer…and snapped this family portrait four years later with 2 year old Zara:-) There is a new addition to the family…so it is time to call Lin!!

Fields-Versten 2007

Currently, Lin spends her time photographing children and animals, instead of weddings. If you are interested in seeking out her photography skills for your precious loved ones, contact her at  LinEagel(at)earthlink.net .

Thanks for being our Costumer of the week, Lin! You look awesome!