Eye Spy with My Little Eye

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Written by on June 2nd 2010

At Eye Spy, we have the best neighbors in the world!

The other day, Joe was bringing by posters for the Pets @ Paulina Pet adoption event. When he came into the store, he asked about new styles. Immediately, we knew he was meant for two lines, Rapp and Oliver Goldsmith. You see, we got to talking with Joe about the spectacle stylings of a one Sir Michael Caine.

Mr. Caine being bad in his OG OGs.

Joe tried on this Oliver Goldsmith sunglass frame and it was meant to be!

We’ve loved this frame since it arrived in the store and we’ve been waiting for the perfect person to take it home. Joe is that person! His shared love of the classic Oliver Goldsmith style won our hearts!

Way to go, Joe, you’re our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!!!

Don’t forget that on Saturday, June 5 from 12 to 3pm, Eye Spy will be joining with Sam and Willy’s as well as many of our other neighbors to host the Pets @ Paulina pet adoption event! Visit the website www.petsatpaulina.com for more info!