Eye Spy with My Little Eye

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Written by on June 8th 2010

Christine is one of our favorite customers because she has a classic, but adventurous sense of style when it comes to glasses! She just has a face made for frames, no matter what she puts on, it looks like each frame was made just for her (lucky!).

But, she recently decided that she needed a frame that was a little more “tame” for those occasions when hot pink just would not do. Still, she wanted her personality to be able to shine. As Christine shows, it’s possible to be adventurous and fun, while still wearing a frame that showcases clean lines and top-notch design:

YOWZA! Christine looks awesome in her new Theos!

What makes this Theo frame perfect for what Christine wanted is that it’s pretty and light, but it has a secret:

Yup, the top of the frame is electric blue! Just that touch of color not only adds some fun and whimsy to the frame, but it also lightens the look of the frame. So when Christine is wearing this, she can still maintain a classic, yet airy feel.

Great choice Christine! There’s no doubt that you are the CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!