Eye Spy with My Little Eye

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Written by on May 4th 2010

At Eye Spy, we try to keep a wide variety of frames available, so we never have to say, “I just don’t have anything for you.” We’ve got something for everyone, for real.

Sometimes, a customer will like a frame that we have in stock, but they may want to try another color. That’s what happened when Ryan came into the store and tried on the Claire Goldsmith Carter frame. He wanted to try something darker than the colors we had in stock. No problem, we ordered the frame in two colors so Ryan could try two versions of the frame.

Ryan chose the smokescreen frame, and there’s no denying it was the right choice, this frame looks GREAT!

We liked the black Claire Goldsmith frame that Ryan passed on so much that we decided to keep in in the store. Well, wouldn’t you know it, not two days later Julia came into Eye Spy looking for a frame *exactly* like the Claire Goldsmith frame in black. FATE!

Destiny! cannot be denied here:

Julia looks FANTASTIC in her new frame!

Isn’t it lovely when two people can make the same frame suit their own personality and style so well?!

Yowee, that’s why we love this eyewear biz.

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