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Give me a break! Let’s talk about computer eye strain.

Written by on September 9th 2010

We hear it all the time. Our customers are of the best variety. We never know who’s going to walk into the store or who we’re going to meet next. It could be a radiologist from Wisconsin or a grad student from down the road. That’s part of the fun of Eye Spy, that our customers are just as diverse as our glasses!

But one thing (other than a penchant for awesome eyewear) that many of our customers seem to have in common is the amount of time spent on the computer.

What may result from all that time on the computer is something known as “Computer Eye Strain.” Sometimes, those who use a computer a lot notice that they get tired or make more errors after a while at the computer.
This article has some great tips on how to relieve computer eye strain, including adding Anti-Reflective coating to glasses and exploring the option of a pair of glasses just for the computer.

Ch-ch-check it out!

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