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CustomerS of the Week!!!

Written by on November 6th 2011
Our Customers of the Week are Maria & PamWe could not pick one customer this week:)  Ironically, during our Theo trunk show, two of our favorite customers picked up their new Theo frames. 

Maria looks like a movie star in her new red glasses.  The frames follow her brow line and the large lenses show off her pretty peepers.

It was hard to find Pam a pair of glasses that fit her large personality, but when she tried on these blue Eyewitness frames…we knew they were perfect.  The bare titanium details give the frame an industrial, modern feel….and the asymmetry of the frame catches just the right amount of attention:-) We love these frames and are sad to see them leave the store, but they have definitely found a good home! Yay.

Congrats, Maria & Pam, you are our CustomerS of the Week!!!

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Customer of the Week!

Written by on August 21st 2011
Our Customer of the Week is Camille!

Camille looks so pretty in her new Theo Eye Witness frames. Her big smile won us over!  The blue is so pretty with her complexion and the shape really accentuates her almond-shaped eyes.

Theo is a small company in Belgium that began making frames in 1989.  Two opticians started designing frames because they wanted to make frames for the individual.  The Eye Witness frames are asymmetrical which makes them look different on each person.  The individual has to be in perfect harmony with the frame…and Camille looks amazing!!!

Congrats, Camille…you are Our Customer of the Week!

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The new Theo Eyewitness frames have arrived! Just in time for the New Year!

Written by on December 22nd 2010

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Written by on August 24th 2010

This week, our Customer of the Week is DANTE!!!

Dante came in to Eye Spy a while back looking for new frames. He could tell that this Theo Eyewitness frame was the one, but….. he wanted a second opinion.

So, we took some pictures, emailed them to Dante and he was able to show his friends what he (and we) hoped would be his new specs.

Well, first instincts are usually right and Dante’s friends (wisely) supported his choice!

Check it out! Dante looks awesome in his new Theo Eyewitness frame!

It’s finally here! The August Sunglass Sale is in effect! For the entire month of August every single pair of sunglasses is on sale from 10%-30% off! Come on in and get that frame you’ve been dreaming of!!!


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