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Written by on December 12th 2009

Congratulations to PAUL, our Customer of the Week!

Paul read about Eye Spy in the Chicago Reader, where we were named in the Best of Chicago 2009 issue! Let me tell you, it was a blast helping Paul choose some new frames. When he tried on these Theo frames, we all knew they were the ones!

It was love at first sight!

Way to go Paul, your new Theo frames look amazing and you’re our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!

Too many flex dollars, not enough time? At Eye Spy, we accept flex dollars and will make sure that you find quality handmade glasses as well as the best possible lenses for your prescription. Just ask and we’ll be happy to help you find an *awesome* new pair of specs!

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Written by on December 1st 2009

WHOO! It’s that time again! What time? Time to crown a new CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!

This week, we chose DAVID!

David already had two frames from Eye Spy when he stopped in to check out some new styles. Lucky for him we had a gaggle of Theo Frames in the store and couldn’t wait to see him in these *amazing* blue (and brown!) Theos!

Hey, waitaminute, where’s the brown? Well that’s the best part of this frame (okay, 2nd best, the best is how BLUE this Theo frame makes David’s eyes look!). The front of the frame is this lovely slate blue, but the top is chocolate brown!

It’s always nice to find frames with personality.

David also chose to wear with the Hoya ID lens, which is a progressive lens that gives the wearer a wider field of vision. So walking up stairs won’t make him feel like he’s inside of some carnival trick house. Now, in his new Theo frames, he’ll have a smooth look, aesthetically and functionally.

Way to go David! You’re our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!


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Written by on August 22nd 2009

Whoo-Hoo! It’s time for our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK! Let me tell you, this week, it’s a real stunner!

Dewitt has *Great* taste in frames! He’s not afraid of wearing funky frames, whether it’s a yellow Anne et Valentin or these incredible blue Theo frames!

This early bird got the way cool and totally awesome new Theo frame.

When Dewitt came into the store, we had just received our new Theo stock, we hadn’t even put them out on the floor yet! But due to perfect timing, Dewitt was the first person to try this Theo frame on and he wasn’t about to let it go!

Great choice, Dewitt, these Theo frames look amazing!

Sad that summer is almost over? Don’t sweat it! There are still plenty of sunny days left! Eye Spy is celebrating these last days of summer with a Sunglass Sale! That’s right, we’ve putting almost all of our sunglass stock on sale! We’ve also ordered frames from three of our favorite designers, just for the month of August! Come on in any time before August 31 and get yourself a snazzy new pair of sun specs for 10, 20, 50% off!!!


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Fashion, full circle!!!

Written by on July 15th 2009

We recently read this article about round sunglasses. At Eye Spy, we’ve long been in love with round sunglasses. From Anne et Valentin to Lafont, our lines have been the pacemaker to the heartbeat of eyewear fashion. That’s right. We are one step ahead of the eyewear trends, ready with the product so when you say to yourself, “I think I want some round sunglasses” you can just pop on by Eye Spy and you’ll be sure to know that we’ve got you covered. Round sunglasses?


Round metal frames?


Round plastic frames?


Round *and* Rimless *and* blue frames on a fuchsia background with a touch of late afternoon sunlight??

Done and done and done.

It’s because we love you, baby.


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Written by on June 27th 2009

This week, our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK, is a familiar face ’round these parts. He may just be the father of our royal Queen of Specs. Does that make him the King of Eyewear? In these Theo frames, yes, yes it does. So let’s all stand and cheer for our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK, Bob F.

Alissa chose these Theo frames especially for her dad, and wow does Bob look great! Lucky guy to have a daughter who can hook you up with Theo frames!

When it’s hot out, you gotta find new ways of stayin’ cool, Daddy-O

Congratulations, Bob! Your new Theo frames look ****awesome****


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Written by on May 30th 2009

This week, we’ve chosen JASON as our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!

Jason actually bought his glasses in January. He started the year off right by buying TWO pairs of glasses; both fit his personality perfectly. One frame was a plastic Anne et Valentin and the other was this incredible blue and brown THEO titanium frame:

When we were trying to choose a customer of the week, we just couldn’t resist how awesome these frames look on Jason!

Congratulations, Jason, what a great choice!

……don’t forget!…….

Stop by Saturday, June 13th for our Sunglass Trunk Show featuring the frames of Persol, Maui Jim, and IC!Berlin! We’ll have a party going from 11-5! Get your Dad a snazzy new pair of UV Blockin’ specs for Father’s day!!!


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Well, Hello, Remarkable!!!

Written by on May 17th 2009

Oh my!

I just stumbled upon what may be one of the happiest places on the Internet!

A blog devoted to ***vintage eyewear***

Two teenagers modeling “Boy Watcher” glasses, California, 1965.

Click here to check out Note de l’Hotel, my new 2nd favorite blog (after this one, of course).

Vintage shapes are very much “in” right now and it’s fun to look at all of these styles. But buying actual vintage frames creates the risk of breakage when putting prescription lenses in the frame.

That’s why I’m so very delighted to have lines like Francis Klein and Lafont bringing back the vintage shapes. And who would I be to forget my lovely Theo, they’ve been taking inspiration from these vintage geek shapes and re-making them with titanium in bright colors!

Oh joy joy joy, it’s such a lovely day to look at AWESOME GLASSES!

Stop by Saturday, June 13th for our Father’s Day Party featuring the frames of Maui Jim and IC!Berlin! We’ll have a party going from 11-5!


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Written by on March 25th 2009

Eye Spy Optical has been named the BEST EYEWEAR SHOP in the Chicago Reader’s “Best of 2009″ issue!!!!

THANK YOU for your votes!

Our fearless leader and owner assisting two lovely customers

Murphy still takes a nap in the store every now and then.

Eye Spy has been a part of Lincoln Avenue for more than 10 years! In that time we’ve been named by NEW CITY as the “Best Place to Get Eyewear” and we’ve been named the store with the “Best Designer Eyewear.” And now, we can add the CHICAGO READER “Best of 2009″ to our list of accolades. Gosh, Chicago, you’re making us blush!

At Eye Spy we try to give you the best customer service possible. We love our frames and we want to share their special and unique features with you when you’re choosing your new specs. It’s about a whole lot more than liking a color.

When you walk into Eye Spy, we want you to feel like you’re visiting a friend’s house–a friend’s house with awesome glasses everywhere!!!

It’s about what shape fits your face. It’s about what color will make your eyes shine! It’s about the little details that are handcrafted onto each frame whether it be hand painted etching or frame designs inspired by Andy Warhol.

Our expert advice is only rivaled by that doled out on “What Not to Wear” (but, honestly, they’ve got nothing on us)

We also give you the best lenses on the market. We are always right on top of the latest technologies, making them available to you and increasing our own knowledge of what lenses and products will help you see clearly!

We always have time to explain the intricacies of lens options and coatings.

So, thank you thank you thank you, for supporting us and voting us as the BEST EYEWEAR SHOP IN CHICAGO!!! If there was a poll, we’d definitely vote you as the BEST CUSTOMERS ON EARTH!

Admiring her new panther frames, great choice!!!


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Gonna have the trunks, Theo trunks. Frames like "what?! what?! what?!"

Written by on March 8th 2009
this Saturday, March 14th!
Theo is a great line. Their frames fit a variety of faces and personalities!

We love our Theos!

It’s the perfect line to have in the store during our Makeover Party! Why? Well, let me tell you: When we tell you it’s makeover time, we don’t mean we want to change your look to the point that even your mother wouldn’t recognize you. No no no. We want your frames to highlight your already awesome features and we want them express another side of you that doesn’t get out very often. What better way to do that than with a funky pair of Theos?!

I know you’re asking and scratching your head about one thing: What in the world is a “trunk show?”
I’ll tell you, but you may need to sit down to absorb all of this awesomeness: A Trunk Show is when the representative from the company brings the entire collection into the store! You can try on any shape in any color…and every frame comes in 8 colors!! The representatives travel all over the country (and Canada!) so we really like to make the most of it when they’re in town.
So stop by the store on Saturday, March 14th from 12-5pm and check out the THEO TRUNK SHOW! Get yourself all done up nice with a FREE MAKEOVER! and relax with some wine and cheese courtesy of your neighborhood opticians!
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