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Employee Picks: The Anne et Valentin Lap

Written by on December 12th 2010

This week the Specs Therapist chose the Anne et Valentin Lap as her Employee Pick!

This frame is sugar and spice and everything nice!
It’s unicorns frolicking in a dandelion meadow.

It’s Candy Cane Lane in Adorabletown.
It’s sing-along fun and mirth!
This frame is cozy blanket and a good book.
This frame is ring around the rosy.
It’s Glenda the good witch.
It’s the center of a cinnamon bun.
This frame is snow angels.
This frame is puppies!
This frame is marshmallows expanding in a cup of hot cocoa.
This frame is DELIGHTFUL! Try it on and just see if you can suppress a smile.

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