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Virtually Indestructible

Written by on August 20th 2010
Yesterday, one of our favorite customers came in to Eye Spy with an emergency.
She had run over her ic! berlin Nan frame with her car:

This is after 20 minutes of repair work…
Our Specs Therapist (me) didn’t bat an eye when she saw the twists and bends in the metal.
Our customer had to run to a meeting at work and, while she was away, the Specs Therapist carefully and patiently returned the Nan to her previous glory:


Now, the Specs Therapist isn’t going to take all the credit here. You see, ic! berlin makes incredible frames. Absolutely magical frames. That can take just about anything one can throw at them. Really, truly, AWESOME frames. And those lenses? Trivex. Impact resistant, UV protected, and STRONG.
And as a side note, Eye Spy also carries Mykita frames which are just as durable and well-made! The original designers from ic! berlin started Mykita to bring to market a new and improved (!) hinge and designs. Come on by and see them both.

It’s finally here! The August Sunglass Sale is in effect! For the entire month of August every single pair of sunglasses is on sale from 10%-30% off! Come on in and get that frame you’ve been dreaming of!!!




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