Voted “Best Eyewear Shop,” not 2, not 3, but 4 times!
-Chicago Reader 2009 and NewCity 1999, 2006, 2011

Customer of the Week
Congrats to Marie!

Congrats to Marie!

Marie’s fab new Gentle Monster frames are so youthful and fun! Because Marie reads a ton, she wanted a pair of glasses to use just for seeing the computer screen and for reading. The lenses we chose for her are called occupational lenses.

Upcoming Events
Anne et Valentin Pop-up Shop

Anne et Valentin Pop-up!!

Join us for an Anne et Valentin Pop-up Shop this week…until Saturday the 21st. With their newest releases *and* all of the styles & colors in their current collection, prepare to be like a kid in a candy shop!!

New Sunnies

Columbia College Collab

We selected & worked with students graduating from Columbia College’s Fashion Studies Dept. Each student designed a collection for their Senior Thesis, then we chose our favorites for the shoot!

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