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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on August 21st 2014

It’s that time again folks, customer of the week time that is.  Allow us to introduce Beth, delcared her self the orginal the Pink Lady. Beth tried to find glasses at a shop that shall not be named (aka the Voltermort of Glasses Shops, and yes we did just say that.) She quickly realized that her personailty was just too much for that store.  Beth’s lovely daughter Ruth brought her into Eye Spy, turning her over to the thoughtful hands of the Design Maven.

Beth and the Design Maven had a blast picking out these beautiful Francis Klein Bisou frames in sparkly leopard. Not only does she look awesome, she looks like she might teach you to bake or maybe just kick you to the curb, like any Pink Lady would.




Thanks for being such a B.A. Pink Lady Beth you look amazing in your Francis Kleins! We had a blast helping you pick these beauties out!!!

P.S. did we mention that Beth also got a referral discount since her daughter Ruth referred her here! Refer a friend and they save

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Written by on August 14th 2014




It’s Customer of the Week time again! Allow us to introduce you to our newest Eye Spy babe, CHARLENE! CHARLENE, is a friend of our book keeper Karla. Karla brought Charlene in and it was love at first sight with these Thierry Lasry Orgasmy frames!



Charlene can be found biking around town, with her little dog in the basket, you can’t see him but he’s real sweet! She also is the make-up guru boucing from show to show. Thanks for being such a blast Charlene! Take a peek at her frames up close and personal!

thierry lasry orgasmy - Google Search - Google Chrome_2014-08-14_12-08-13

Take note of Charlene’s sweet bike!! She biked here as part of Bike Lakeview! Show up to particpating shops in Lakeview on your bike and wave your helmet at some one and get a discount! Its green, gets you outside and has some serious perks!

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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on August 7th 2014

Hey Peeps! It’s that time of the week again, meet Sophia our jazzy new Customer of the Week! She’s frame twins with Alissa, the Queen of Specs! Sophia really wanted to jazz it up with her new frames, and she made a bold choice going from a rimless frame to these Theo Mille+25 frames.  She pulls it off so well, we are so glad she took the leap!!!!


Thanks for being so brave Sophia!!! Oh, and for being our Customer of the Week!

Check out the Queen of Specs in her Theo Mille+25 frames. Alissa’s frames are fluorescent pink! What else would she choose?!  Too bad we didn’t get a photo of Sophia and Alissa together:-(




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Customer of the Week!

Written by on July 31st 2014

Our customer of the week traveled by bubble all the way from Oz…meet Glenda! While she is not covered in pink, this sweet lady has some serious style up her sleeve, and now on her face! Glenda snuck in mere minutes before we closed. Her and Adrienne bonded over their love of this Theo Cinquante+8 frame. (Adrienne dreams of this frame in the cerulean blue color.)

JOHNSON_ GGlenda’s love of this frame hit her like a house, and they sure are dreamy on her. Thanks for being our beautiful Customer of the week Glenda!

Check out the detail on this jazzy frame!Th Cinquante

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Eye Spy LOVES Kids!

Written by on July 30th 2014

We love them so much, that we even have a couple ourselves:-) Our fabulous Eye doc, Dr. Deana LaBrosse has two girls…and the Queen of Specs has two girls!! But don’t worry, we like boys at Eye Spy also…as long as they are well-behaved!?!

dr_labrosse_selfieDr. LaBrosse and her two clones!

20140720_185802The Queen of Specs’ family, as drawn by Beatrice.

Illinois law states that all children entering public schools for the first time (kindergarten or otherwise) are required to have an eye examination by an eye doctor.  As luck would have it, Eye Spy is a great place to bring your little human for his or her eye exam!  We are super-friendly and very low key, so we keep exam jitters minimal. We also have a waiting room that looks like your grandma’s living room, complete with movies…just in case *someone* needs a little distraction.

Dr. LaBrosse has lots of experience examining children of all ages from a few months old to 99 years old!  Your child does not have to know letters or even speak at all to obtain very useful information about their eyesight.  Dr. LaBrosse uses many different non-invasive techniques to determine what the eye can see, how they work together, and how healthy they are.  Eye drops are not necessarily needed for good results, so there is no need to worry if your little one is squeamish.  The goal is to make the exam fun so your child responds to the best of his or her ability and wants to come back!

Dr. LaBrosse has convenient evening and Saturday appointments available for busy families, so make your appointment today! Come on…just do it!

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Customer of the Week!

Written by on July 24th 2014

Congrats to Dan, our newest Customer of the Week!!

What a glorious summer it has been so far! Sure, we’ve had some rain but at least we didn’t have to water our gardens that day! Dan came in to get some shades to add to the gloriousness of his summer! Patsy helped Dan find the perfect pair of neutral but stylish sunglasses. He’s rockin’ it in his People frames from RetroSuperFuture.
WESLEY_dPatsy had a blast helping Dan pick out these frames, while Dan cracked joke after joke.

Thanks for being so hilarious Dan and for being our Customer of the Week!   

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Sunglass Sale Preview Party!!

Written by on July 22nd 2014

Join us for some mayhem on Thursday, July 31st from 3-7pm!

Y’all know that August brings our Sunglass sale. Once a year we round up all of our sunglasses, and go over-board on the discounts. We even sneak in a bunch of optical frames:-)THIERRY LASRY SALE

This year we are starting the party a day early, because turn down for what? Thursday will bring a 4 hour sneak peak at the sunglass sale along with a handful of other surprises we’ve got up our sleeves. Trust me, you WANT to know what they are. Perhaps, we will let the cat out of the bag the week of the par-tay! Maybe.

In the meantime, please allow me to temp you with some images of our lovely sunglasses and some total babes in them! We will see you Thursday, JULY 31st from 3-7pm for some snacks, booze and previews.



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Popping-up In July

Written by on July 10th 2014

We have a bunch of pop-ups scheduled for this month! Are you excited?? Here’s the scoop…

lill_street pop-up

The next one is : Friday, July 11 in Pilsen at Modern Co-op during 2nd Fridays from 6-10pm.

Modern Co-op is having a kicking off event for a new design collection by Chicago-based Brass And Bark…and we are joining in the fun with our frames and sunnies:-)


 The next pop-up is…on Friday, July 18th, the Chicago Mosiac School. They are having a Vernissage from 6-9pm! The head of the school is a big fan of Eye Spy and we are a big fan of mosaics:-)

The school is located in a loft building near the Irving Park Brown line stop. It is on the second floor and we will be near the main entrance…hopefully!! The have an incredible showcase of mosaics by artists from around the world on display.

mosaicschool“Something Fishy” fountain by CMS artist Martha Crandall and CMS students


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Drool-Worthy Buffalo Horn Sunnies have arrived.

Written by on July 9th 2014

Where do we start the story of Rigards? En Paris, bien sur! Every year, the Queen of Specs travels to the fall eyewear show in Paris to discover new, tantalizing, eyewear that steals her heart. As you know, you cannot buy everything you want and love….but how could anyone say no to these buffalo horn sunglasses that are made-to-order?!? Impossible.


We did wait until the spring to order them, so we did exercise a bit of self-control:-)

BUT, since we waited until April and each pair is made-to-order, to our specifications of color & grain….we *just* received our order. It was worth the wait.

Every pair of frames is handcrafted with tremendous attention using time-honored methods of production and hand-finished with signature surface treatments, combining virtues of the past with modern sensibility. Both European and Asian fits are offered to provide maximum comfort for different face shapes.


The buffalo horns used are an organic by-product of water buffalo rearing on small African farm. In addition, the horn is a sustainable natural material that is lightweight & biocompatible. Natural horn has the remarkable quality of adjusting to the skin temperature, allowing for an almost seamless feel. The pleasant warmth distinguishes horn from the standard manmade materials used in conventional eyewear and offers a sensual frame-wearing experience—a big plus for many luxury eyeglasses wearers.

As a material of nature, horn has the extraordinary ability to age gracefully with use. The gradual evolution and organic patina embody the very characteristics cherished by selective eyeglasses owners. Sourced from sustained domesticated herds, the buffalo horns used have minimum negative impact on the environment. Leftover horn chips and shavings from the production process are recycled as fertilizers in agriculture. The humble horn wastes are actually a first-rate quality manure as horn is an excellent source of slow release nitrogen.

As with all items of value, your horn frames need to be maintained to keep them looking their best. Horn is a durable product of nature and, if cared for correctly, can last for many years to come. 

So….stop by, try on a few pairs, and don’t be surprised when your hear skips a beat.



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Customer of the Week!

Written by on July 9th 2014

Congratulations to Barbara!! We were almost as excited to fit Barbara with these limited edition Theo beauties as she was. Barbara kept giggling and giggling every time she put these frames on…so, of course, she had to get them:-)


Barbara has been a simply spectacular customer since 2001!! She usually she opts for purple frames, but sometimes you’ve just got to go a bit crazy. Right?

Here is a sneak peek of the rest of the limited edition fluorescent Theos, just in case you need a pair for yourself…




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