Unique Lenses

Unique Lenses
“I wear my wife’s eyeglasses because she wants me to see things her way.” -Jayson Feinburg


Eye Spy Optical offers the thinnest, newest designs, and highest quality lenses on the market. There are tons of lenses on the market, so we will recommend the lenses that are going to look the best in your frame and be the most functional for you! Beside the fact that we have an incredible selection of frames, many customers come to us because of our wide selection of lenses and ability to choose the perfect lenses for our customers’ prescription. We guarantee that you will love your new prescription…and if you don’t, we will determine the problem and remake the lenses at no charge.

We are proud to sell customized Shamir free-form lenses. These personalized lenses are designed with all the latest technology used to increase optical performance throughout the lens. The Shamir Autograph lenses are designed individually using fitting and frame data along with the prescription…unlike standard lenses where the same lens design is used for every patient regardless of the way the lens is worn or what your prescription is. This free-form technology was originally designed for patients with progressive lenses and patients with higher prescriptions in order to eliminate distortion…and now it is also available for all prescriptions!

Like any other new technology, free-form lenses have multiple designs for different wearers, allowing an
optimized lens for any budget. Listed below are just a few of the custom lenses Eye Spy offers.

Shamir Autograph III- Developed on the basis of precise measurement of individual prescriptions and simulation of perceived, real-world viewing fields, Shamir Autograph III delivers clear vision, with seamless gradation across all vision zones.

Autograph III delivers wide, distortion-free viewing fields, completely standardized for both farsighted and nearsighted eyeglass wearers. It implements precise power profile control, with specific power emphasis at different points and vision zones across the entire lens surface and enables optimal adaptation to prescriptions and choices of frame. Autograph III addresses the near and intermediate vision zone requirements of modern lifestyle activities, such as the use of digital devices. Using the innovative Eye-Point Technology III®, Shamir Autograph III adapts the lens to your prescription so that whether you are near or far-sighted, you get to see more of the world as it really is.

Shamir Spectrum+- Shamir Spectrum+ is an ergonomic everyday lens that delivers improved visual experience in both near and far vision zones. It is a progressive lens that delivers a sharp and comfortable visual experience, with broad near reading zones, and strong personalization to customers’ individual reading posture.

Shamir Spectrum+ features Shamir’s unique Natural Posture technology, which helps overcome traditional progressive lens limitations to accommodate eyeglass wearers’ most natural viewing posture. The technology effectively reduces the need to tilt one’s head forward or back, or lower or raise objects to achieve convenient viewing, all while optimally accounting for positive or negative power adjustments.

Single Vision Autograph III- The Autograph III Single Vision design provides clear vision from edge to edge of the lens. Shamir’s Single Vision is designed to account for actual physiological functions like eye movement, as well as the first to incorporate the prescription into both sides of the lens.

If free-form lenses are not necessary for your prescription, our lab surfaces lenses digitally, which makes the prescriptions accurate to the 0.01%, instead of traditional lens surfacing which is only accurate to 1%. The digital design that we use the most for single vision lenses is:

Single Vision Shamir Spectrum- The Shamir Spectrum Single Vision optical lens design, provides visual support across its entire surface, personalized for your individual prescription. Shamir SV offers a clear, stable and comfortable visual experience precisely where it is required. Featuring an aesthetically pleasing flat design, it is personalized to individual prescriptions, and incorporates Eye-point Technology to ensure wide fields of clear vision.

Shamir also has many options for lenses to use while you are on the computer. Think about it…computer screens have given way to smaller displays on tablets, eReaders, netbooks and smart phones. So now when we’re texting, tweeting, instant messaging, surfing, blogging, emailing, or playing, we’re putting more pressure than ever on our eyes. Did you know the longer you stare at a backlit computer screen, the less you blink? No wonder symptoms like dry eyes and headaches are so prevalent among eye care patients; warning signs like these can be related to a chronic condition called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Having specific lenses for this close-work is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Finally, we always recommend an anti-reflective coating. Functionally, anti-reflective coating decreases star-bursting from headlights and glare from computer screens. Cosmetically, anti-reflective coating makes your lenses look invisible. Our lab has developed a superior anti-reflective coating that is 12 layers and guaranteed for the life of the lens. The lenses are oleophobic, hydrophobic and anti-fog. WOW! There are *many* different grades of anti-reflective coating…and we offer the best. It has the least problems, is the easiest to take care of and is the most durable.

If you are wondering which lens is best for you feel free call us or make an appointment to see us at Eye Spy and we can tell you what will work best for you based on your prescription, lens usage, profession and frame choice. We do this everyday, all day…since 1998, so we know what we are doing!!