Unique Frames

Piero Massaro

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Piero Massaro‘s collections tell us of his passion for the craftsmanship, creating and spreading the love for handmade things, according to the rules of the past.

His search for singularity and his care of the “unique” are among the reasons why the realization of his eyeglasses is carried out by micro-specialized laboratories, the holders of those invaluable and productive skills typical of the traditional Italian eyewear sector.

Sometimes, almost like a father in the waiting room of a hospital, he personally follows the entire process of production and the labor that leads to the birth of his creations.

Each of his eyeglasses is built like a tailored suit of which the owner can claim the uniqueness, also because the production is limited and numbered.

He lives and works in Veneto, but his bond with his native land, Sicily, is very strong and his origins are sometimes almost touchable in the colors he chooses for the acetate, that seem to perfume of oranges, almonds, pistachio nuts.