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  • Anne et Valentin

    Anne et Valentin is a small company based out of Toulouse, France. They made their mark back in 1994 when they began design and production of bi-colored acetate frames. They continue to introduce unique shapes and colors for their shops in France and for specialty boutiques around the world. We carry their kids' collection as well.

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    • Mykita Kids

      Since 2003, Mykita has been designing and handcrafting its stainless steel frames in-house in Berlin. The frames are avant-garde, perfectly crafted, individual and unmistakable due to their patented screw-less hinge concept and clean designs. Their stainless steel frames and sunglasses are cut from a single sheet of material, making the frames extremely durable and ultra-light.

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      • Plastic Delux

        With the PlasticDelux frame collection, the designer wanted to head off the beaten track, to rethink the laborious and complex manufacturing process. Imagined by Xavier Derome and made in France, the PlasticDelux range has freed itself from traditional conventions and production methods.

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        • Etnia Vintage

          Etnia Barcelona is the independent brand of eyewear whose collection focuses on color, design, comfort, value and quality. What differentiates Etnia from the competitors are its custom made acetate colors and textures.

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          • Julbo sunwear

            For 120 years, Julbo has been at the forefront of optical and action sports equipment for the mainstream athlete. Recently, Julbo developed a line of affordable, durable, 100-percent UV protective sunglasses for children too! Julbo applies the same technology and innovation to its children’s line that it uses to make eyewear for mountain climbers and sailors.

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