Eye Spy with My Little Eye

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Written by on December 1st 2009

WHOO! It’s that time again! What time? Time to crown a new CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!

This week, we chose DAVID!

David already had two frames from Eye Spy when he stopped in to check out some new styles. Lucky for him we had a gaggle of Theo Frames in the store and couldn’t wait to see him in these *amazing* blue (and brown!) Theos!

Hey, waitaminute, where’s the brown? Well that’s the best part of this frame (okay, 2nd best, the best is how BLUE this Theo frame makes David’s eyes look!). The front of the frame is this lovely slate blue, but the top is chocolate brown!

It’s always nice to find frames with personality.

David also chose to wear with the Hoya ID lens, which is a progressive lens that gives the wearer a wider field of vision. So walking up stairs won’t make him feel like he’s inside of some carnival trick house. Now, in his new Theo frames, he’ll have a smooth look, aesthetically and functionally.

Way to go David! You’re our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!


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