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August Sunglass (and more!) Sale

Written by on July 29th 2016

2015_sunglass_saleWe are getting ready for our AUGUST SUNGLASS SALE !! Once a year, we round up all of our sunglasses, and go a little bananas on the discounts. 

All sunglasses are on sale from the beginning to the very end of the month! Come by and take advantage of discounts from 10-75% off of almost every pair of sunglasses in the store. Yowza! Just to add to the crazy of the sale, we have also put a a few of our eyeglasses lines on sale for 25% to 75% off!

Come by and let us fit you with lovely sunnies to enjoy for the rest of the summer… and throughout the winter!

2016 Sunglass sale

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Customer of the Week…Beautiful in Blue!

Written by on May 8th 2016

Happy Day to Marie, our amazing Customer of the Week!


Marie’s fab new Gentle Monster frames are so youthful and fun! We love the color and the shape on her.

Gentle Monster Fafala A5 BL1 · EYE SPY OPTICAL · Online Store Powered by Storenv_2016-05-08_13-01-02

Fafala is a great lightweight frame with shiny gold temples that make them a really versatile frame. Because Marie reads a ton, she wanted a pair of glasses to use just for seeing the computer screen and for reading. The lenses we chose for her are called occupational lenses, or indoor lenses. They enable you to see up to about 10 feet of your surroundings…and most importantly, to focus on your screen and book without any eye strain!!



And to answer your question…yes! you do recognize Marie ...she and her lovely husband were featured last year in their amazing Theo frames. Marie and her husband love unique and colorful frames and we loved her latest pick so much that we knew she had to be our COTW again!

Let’s get to know Marie!

  1. What do you do for a living? Drink wine and eat dark chocolate (I’m retired)
  2. How many glasses do you have? Only two pairs that I use regularly.
  3. What is your astrological sign? Aquarius….Aqua..ri..usAquarius-astrology-15139356-1753-1274
  4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would that food be? Watermelon
  5. What is your beverage of choice? Root Beer or Pina Colada
  6. Do you have a hobby? Tell me about it! Crossword puzzles, because they teach me to look at things from different angles.
  7. What is your secret talent? I’m very intuitive
  8. How long have you been wearing glasses? Since the second grade
  9. Would you rather: tap or swim for a whole day? I’m not very good at either one.  I’d rather watch movies or read all day.
  10. What is your guilty pleasure song? ‘Because’ by the Dave Clark Five
  11. What is your favorite place on earth? Hawaii
  12.  What is your favorite moment? Any time that I’m on a dance floor surrounded by family and friends.






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Customer of the Week!

Written by on September 6th 2015

Our uber-chic Customer Of The Week is Ruth!

RuthK (3)

Ruth has been a customer here at Eye Spy for a few years now and she always has wonderful taste.  We love how these slightly oversized Anne et Valentin Modern Style frames look on her.


Everything comes together in this frame – the shape is a reimagined take on vintage eyeglass shapes, the little pops of red metal on the temples make this frame modern and the tortoise is a classic color that is crazy versatile.

RuthK (2)

Ruth’s Gentle Monster Magician frame is also an updated take on a traditional sunny and is a frame she will be able to wear for years.

gm magic

Chocolate chip acetate and gold metal…how can you go wrong?

Ruth’s frames have all the right elements and she will be able to wear them long after the current fashion trends come and go.  This is what classic style is all about!

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Customer of the Week…Chris Hershman!

Written by on October 27th 2014

Say hi to our newest customer of the week…Chris Hershman!

Chris is a man of many talents…photographer, videographer, musician. AND he has great taste – doesn’t he look amazing in his Gentle Monster frames?!?

 You may recognize Chris… he is a regular at the shop and is also the man behind our fabulous video lookbook: 

He is constantly on the go, shooting videos for bands, taking photos at weddings and working with local business peeps around Chicago. The Gentle Monster’s have coordinating clips he can wear them in the studio and out on the town and always look amazing!

Check out Chris’ website to find out what he is up to.

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Sunglass Sale Preview Party!!

Written by on July 22nd 2014

Join us for some mayhem on Thursday, July 31st from 3-7pm!

Y’all know that August brings our Sunglass sale. Once a year we round up all of our sunglasses, and go over-board on the discounts. We even sneak in a bunch of optical frames:-)THIERRY LASRY SALE

This year we are starting the party a day early, because turn down for what? Thursday will bring a 4 hour sneak peak at the sunglass sale along with a handful of other surprises we’ve got up our sleeves. Trust me, you WANT to know what they are. Perhaps, we will let the cat out of the bag the week of the par-tay! Maybe.

In the meantime, please allow me to temp you with some images of our lovely sunglasses and some total babes in them! We will see you Thursday, JULY 31st from 3-7pm for some snacks, booze and previews.



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Blue is the New UV

Written by on June 11th 2014

Now that nice weather is here, many of us have pulled out the sunscreen and sunglasses. The dangers of ultraviolet (UV) exposure are widely known, but current research shows that even blue visible light can cause biological damage, particularly in the eye. Blue light sources include sunlight as well as computers, TVs, lights, cell phones, and tablets.

Below are Dr. LaBrosse’s recommendations to protect your eyes:

Physical protections include using sunglasses and wide brimmed hats outdoors. Your prescription “indoor” lenses may also be protected with a clear UV block or an anti-glare coating that blocks blue light for heavy computer users.

GM_sunnies hat(Gentle Monster frames along with a wide-brimmed hat always look good!)


Chemical protections are sunblocks and sunscreen. Many facial moisturizers can be found that include SPF. These are perfectly fine to use on your eyelids as well (just steer clear of the lash margin). Amazingly, there are very few eye creams that have SPF, but Dr. LaBrosse has found some that she can recommend.

Nutrients are important in providing the eye the building blocks to maintain its own natural sun protection. Lutein and zeaxanthin are found in high concentrations in the macula (the area of the eye responsible for color vision and 20/20 vision). These pigments protect the eye from UV/blue light exposure, and high concentrations in the eye are protective against macular degeneration. Green leafy vegetables (especially kale) and yellow/orange fruits and vegetables provide lutein and zeaxanthin. If you have a family history of macular degeneration or just plain don’t like to eat your veggies, Dr. LaBrosse recommends vitamin supplementation. Her favorite product is EyePromise by Zeavision, available at EyeSpy or at


Start enjoying the summer, local farmer’s markets….and use these tips to protect your eyes from blue light:-)

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Written by on May 25th 2014

Drumroll please, for our new Customer of the Week: Karen!!!!

Oh, Karen. Where to begin with Karen. She is a free spirit and quite the character. But she and our Specs Wrangler, Patsy, are sort of kindred spirits. So it was easy for  the two of them to  vibe and find some specs that were suitable for Karen’s style and flair.

Karen has a ton of Eye Spy specs, but she recently fell in love with these Gentle Monster “Furrow” sunnies. She’s a self proclaimed hippie chick, so these John Lennon-esque round sunglasses are PERFECT for her boho summertime look.
Oh and did I mention Karen is a local artist who does beatuful, sculptures and mosaics!? She’s also the Founder and Executive Director at The Chicago Mosaic School!! Click the link to get more info on the school and the classes they offer. (Trust us…Karen’s the kind of teacher you wanna have.)

Congrats Karen on your new cool sunnies and being chosen as Customer of the Week!

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Customer of the Week!

Written by on December 8th 2013

It’s customer of the week time again! This time we went with a dynamic duo… Cassie and her roommate Adrienne! Yes, Adrienne does work here, but we could not resist.

First up is Cassie in her speckled Gentle Monster Fafala frames! 

Turns out Adrienne picked this beauties out for Cassie.

Adrienne has been dreaming of a cat-eye since she started at Eye Spy… she finally found the perfect one: Francis Klein Wing in a brand-new color! It’s a navy acetate with a mosaic-detail peeking out from behind.

Roomie love in fabulous glasses.

 Clearly Adrienne is beyond excited about her glasses choice, as is Cassie!

You look amazing ladies!

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