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Written by on October 6th 2010

This week our Customers of the Week are Randy and Dennis! Yay!

Randy and Dennis had been customers of Eye Spy for years! Then they moved to Santa Fe where they were regularly asked where they got their awesome glasses. “Chicago” they’d say. Well, wouldn’t you know they missed Chicago so much they moved back! One of their first stops, once they were all settled in, was to Eye Spy where we welcomed them home with open arms and awesome new frames from Anne et Valentin and Theo!!!!

Randy looks so great in his new Theo frame!

And Dennis looks totally rad in his new Anne et Valentin frame!

Great choice, guys! We missed you! Congrats on being the Customers of the Week!

When the Specs Therapist turned 12, she got a puppy. As Eye Spy turns 12, we’ll give you something almost as awesome. Stop by the store on Saturday, October 16th from 10-6 and celebrate with in-store specials, give-aways, and food and drink! We’ll not only be celebrating our anniversary, but also the awesome frames we have in stock, including new plastic Theos, cool metal Anne et Valentins, and limited edition Rapp frames! Turning 12 is soooooooo great!
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