Eye Spy with My Little Eye

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These private eyes are waaaatching you!

Written by on July 20th 2010

You know, there’s a reason we call eyewear “frames.”

Your eyes are works of art; the color, shape and expressions of your eyes is yours and yours alone. Why not highlight your baby blues (or heavenly hazels, or bewitching browns, or girlicious greens…) with a frame that lives up to the windows to your soul?

Check out this article in Today’s Red Eye about the intriguing and alluring aspects of the eye(s).

Here’s a note from the Red Eye article:

If you’ve seen giant costumed eyeballs this past weekend at Millennium Park, Wrigley Field, Navy Pier, and Lincoln Park Zoo, it’s part of “Think About Your Eyes Week,” an effort to raise public awareness about the importance of annual eye exams. This week’s Eye Health Summit in Chicago hosted by the Foundation for Eye Health Awareness will bring together organizations and industry leaders so they can work together on ways to highlight the need for improved eye health.


I couldn’t help it, all while writing this post, this song was running through my head!

You know what else is cool? SUNGLASSES! The Eye Spy annual sunglass sale is only days away. For the entire month of August every pair of sunglasses in the store will be on sale! Come on in and get that frame you’ve been dreaming of!