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Customer of the Week!

Written by on December 1st 2010

This week, our Customer of the Week is Erin! Erin decided to change up her look with her new pair of glasses. She tried on a lot of cool frames, but when she tried this Anne et Valentin on, for a lark, she discovered that edgy and angular may just have been what she was looking for!

Now Erin, and her husband Tom, are the coolest pair on the block in their Anne et Valentin frames!

Way to go, Erin, you look great! And you’re our Customer of the week!

Too many flex dollars, not enough time? At Eye Spy, we accept flex dollars and will make sure that you find quality handmade glasses as well as the best possible lenses for your prescription. Just ask and we’ll be happy to help you find an *awesome* new pair of specs!

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Customer of the Week!

Written by on September 8th 2010

This week we have TWO Customers of the Week!

Glen and Anne came in to the store looking for new, funky frames. We loooove when customers want to try new styles and colors. Especially when those customers look so good in so many frames!

Anne and Glen had a lot of options and it took a while to narrow down the choices. After some debate and consideration, they settled on Rapp and Anne et Valentin frames and, WOW, do they look great!

Glen and Anne look great in their new frames! We love the color and the shapes they chose, so flattering and awesome, and that’s why they are the CUSTOMERS OF THE WEEK!


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Written by on August 24th 2010

This week, our Customer of the Week is DANTE!!!

Dante came in to Eye Spy a while back looking for new frames. He could tell that this Theo Eyewitness frame was the one, but….. he wanted a second opinion.

So, we took some pictures, emailed them to Dante and he was able to show his friends what he (and we) hoped would be his new specs.

Well, first instincts are usually right and Dante’s friends (wisely) supported his choice!

Check it out! Dante looks awesome in his new Theo Eyewitness frame!

It’s finally here! The August Sunglass Sale is in effect! For the entire month of August every single pair of sunglasses is on sale from 10%-30% off! Come on in and get that frame you’ve been dreaming of!!!


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