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Written by on September 2nd 2009

Our Customer of the Week this week is Bonnie!

I mean, come on, how could we not? Look at how awesome she is in these Anne et Valentin frames! Bonnie traveled all the way from Hyde Park to get her new eyeglasses at Eye Spy and boy are we glad she did! Not only does Bonnie have awesome taste (she still has her eye on a gorgeous pair of Theo frames), but she also has a kick-butt personality.

Congratulations, Bonnie! You look smokin’ in your new Anne et Valentin glasses! Yow!

Ch-ch-check it out! The Button-o-Matic is coming to Eye Spy! For the month of September the Butto-o-Matic machine will be dispensing its limited-edition series of 24-karat gold buttons at Eye Spy! We will be having a celebration on Saturday, September 12 from 12-5pm… with Beer, Bagels, and a make-your-own Button Machine!


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Written by on August 22nd 2009

Whoo-Hoo! It’s time for our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK! Let me tell you, this week, it’s a real stunner!

Dewitt has *Great* taste in frames! He’s not afraid of wearing funky frames, whether it’s a yellow Anne et Valentin or these incredible blue Theo frames!

This early bird got the way cool and totally awesome new Theo frame.

When Dewitt came into the store, we had just received our new Theo stock, we hadn’t even put them out on the floor yet! But due to perfect timing, Dewitt was the first person to try this Theo frame on and he wasn’t about to let it go!

Great choice, Dewitt, these Theo frames look amazing!

Sad that summer is almost over? Don’t sweat it! There are still plenty of sunny days left! Eye Spy is celebrating these last days of summer with a Sunglass Sale! That’s right, we’ve putting almost all of our sunglass stock on sale! We’ve also ordered frames from three of our favorite designers, just for the month of August! Come on in any time before August 31 and get yourself a snazzy new pair of sun specs for 10, 20, 50% off!!!


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That’s Grotesque!

Written by on July 24th 2009


After many months of waiting, we finally received our new Grotesque frames!
If loving Grotesque is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Ain’t they cute?!
Come on in and try on our awesome Grotesque frames, they’re a fun line; we love having Grotesque eyewear at Eye Spy!
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Written by on July 21st 2009

Our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK this week is one of the most stylish guys I know! Noah chose some really really cool blue Swissflex frames and WOW do they look great!

Noah’s dad, Kevin, also got a pretty awesome pair of Persol sunglasses!

What a cool family, Swissflex frames and Persol frames in one house?! That’s what I call totally rad and super-fun.

Congrats to Noah on being our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK and congrats to Kevin for having such a cool kid!


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The Specs Therapist is Back!!!

Written by on July 19th 2009

Hey Eye Spy friends!

Specs Therapist (Mary Hamilton) here. I’ve been away from Eye Spy for the last two weeks for a cross-country literary tour (The Dollar Store Tour) sponsored by Chicago’s own Featherproof Books. We went to 11 cities in 14 days and I can tell you that everywhere I went I saw Spectacular Specs! I saw Lafonts in New Orleans and I spotted a pair of bright green Theos in Baltimore among many other bright and funky frames.

Rockin’ blue specs in Nashville!

The trip was great, but I missed Eye Spy! The first thing I did was take a walk around the store and coo over all of the new frames that arrived while I was away, I can’t wait to see them on all of you!

It’s good to be back.


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Fashion, full circle!!!

Written by on July 15th 2009

We recently read this article about round sunglasses. At Eye Spy, we’ve long been in love with round sunglasses. From Anne et Valentin to Lafont, our lines have been the pacemaker to the heartbeat of eyewear fashion. That’s right. We are one step ahead of the eyewear trends, ready with the product so when you say to yourself, “I think I want some round sunglasses” you can just pop on by Eye Spy and you’ll be sure to know that we’ve got you covered. Round sunglasses?


Round metal frames?


Round plastic frames?


Round *and* Rimless *and* blue frames on a fuchsia background with a touch of late afternoon sunlight??

Done and done and done.

It’s because we love you, baby.


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Glasses Glasses Everywhere!

Written by on July 7th 2009

I like to peruse the Internets every now and again to find various ways that my favorite accessories, ***eyeglasses***, find their way into artwork.

First, I stumbled upon this poster for the Sweet Hair Poster Show:

Created by Chelsea Brick and Burns, this poster is Awesome! Check out more about them at Red Black Brown

I also stumbled upon this image on flickr:

Totally. Radical.

To see more check out the flickr photopage here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pagetsou/

eye spy (hearts) eyeglass art!


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Written by on July 4th 2009

This week our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK is and Independence Day Special with TWO, that’s right, TWO CUSTOMERS OF THE WEEK!

Catherine and Sara came in to look at glasses together and each found an adorable frame to suit their energetic personalities! Catherine found a classic Francis Klein frame with rhinestones and a detail on the temples (sides) of the frame that is simply to. die. for.


Sara was browsing the sunglasses and found a Lafont frame that fit her PERFECTLY! What a lucky day!

Two hot to handle.

Congratulations Sara and Catherine! You look awesome in your Francis Klein and Lafont frames!!!


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Who’s the big winner? You are!!!

Written by on July 1st 2009

Congrats to our Eye Spy/Time Out Chicago contest winner, FRED L!

Fred won a free pair of eyeglasses care of Eye Spy Optical! It was a lot of fun choosing a frame for Fred, he was digging the classic look of the Anne et Valentin sunglasses, which are vintage inspired, but have a definite modern quality to their use of angles and color.

Fred settled on a blue Anne et Valentin sunglass frame:

What a lucky guy!


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Written by on June 20th 2009

This week it’s all in the family with our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK, Lael ! In May, his wife, Eugenie, was named our Customer of the week for her amazing luck in finding a wonderful pair of Francis Klein sunglasses on the very day they arrived in the store.

Lael had similar luck a couple of years ago with a pair of IC Berlin glasses. The IC Berlin brand has been good to Lael and when he came in to the store for a new eye exam, he knew he wanted to stick with the durable and stylin’ IC Berlin frames!

Of course, being a man of impeccable taste (he is married to Eugenie after all) Lael chose one of the newest and, if I do say so myself, awesomest IC Berlin frames in the store.

Lucky guy.

Nice choice, Lael, and congratulations on being our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!


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