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Written by on October 6th 2009

This week, our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK, sent her own picture! How awesome is that? As you may know, whenever you pick up your glasses at Eye Spy, we take your picture because we like memories AND we like to show off our cool and stylish customers!

Gosh, those sure are some nice lookin’ glasses…

When Ann Marie picked up her new Grotesque frames, we took her picture, of course, but we missed the best part of the frame!


Waitaminute, those glasses aren’t just nice, they’re AMAZING!!!

Ann Marie sent us a lovely email and attached this fun picture showing off the highlight of her new specs. She told us that she loves her new Grotesque frames and I have to say, I agree completely! These frames ROCK!

Congratulations, Ann Marie, you look SPECtacular!

Guess what!?! Eye Spy is turning ELEVEN!!!! We’re having an anniversary party on Saturday, October 17th from 10-6pm. Stop by and join us in celebrating eleven awesome years!


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That’s Grotesque!

Written by on July 24th 2009


After many months of waiting, we finally received our new Grotesque frames!
If loving Grotesque is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Ain’t they cute?!
Come on in and try on our awesome Grotesque frames, they’re a fun line; we love having Grotesque eyewear at Eye Spy!
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ahh….the first days of autumn….

Written by on September 23rd 2008
crisp air, falling leaves, beginning of the school year…
and new glasses from Lafont and Grotesque!

purple and rhinestones…my favorite combo!

dig that herringbone pattern…love it!

retro frames…no harry potter jokes, please.

and check out the temples on these handsome frames!

and now, what you all have been waiting for….
Our newest addition to the Eye Spy family: Grotesque Eyewear!
It definitely is not grotesque, in fact, it is the opposite:-)

fun colors…smaller shapes…

and you thought the Lafont temples were cool….hold on to your horses, cowboy!

the specs therapist took some great pics….but there is much more to see!
jump on your bike and peddle over to eye spy…we’d love to see you:-)
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