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Lady Gaga Rocks Mykita Eyewear!!!

Written by on September 20th 2011
Lady Gaga sure loves her Mykita frames and so do we!  We also enjoy their collaborations, from the simple to the avant garde:

Model, Jane, is a collaboration with Marios Schwab.  As with all Mykita frames, it is handmade and lightweight, mixing form with function perfectly.  Inspiration came from the grungier glory days of the 1990’s.

Above is a frame created by Mykita in collaboration with Herr Von Eden . The Edeneyes model, is bold and chunky, yet is reinforced in a horizontal ’8′ form representing the mathematical symbol for infinity.

The Yuri Model above is a collaboration with Romain Kremer.  Named after Yuri Gagarine, the first man in outer space, the Yuri frame was created to protect our third eye. The idea behind the model was “to reinforce a new type of man, with a sci-fi warrior” appeal.

We are so excited to see who Mykita teams up with this fall season!

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