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Wednesdays with Dr. Brad Newton!

Written by on August 24th 2011
What a bummer, the Seafood Market across the street isn’t open yet :(  Oh, well…today is the perfect day for fishing and swimming and Dr. Newton is prepared with his fishing rod, swimming goggles, and a spectacular shirt to boot!
Here, at Eye Spy, we adore these swim goggles from Liberty Sport.  They have ultra-soft thermoplastic padding for a shockproof and watertight seal, and adjustable head strap and bridge.  Did we mention that they also come in super fun colors such as green, blue, and purple?   
Rock them wtih a pair of trivex, shatterproof lenses, and you are all set for a day of fun in the sun!!!
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Customer of the Week!

Written by on August 18th 2011
Our Customer of the week is Maxine!!!
Maxine looks super hip in her brand new Lafont frames.  The translucent magenta color is a refreshing hue that gives her a rosy glow.  The cat-eye shape is a modern twist of a vintage shape and we adore it on her! 
What makes this frame so great is its flexibility.  Even though it is an adult frame, it is suitable for a teenager with as much style as Maxine!
Don’t forget…now through September 30th, kids lenses are 50% off, when you purchase a complete pair with Super High Vision EX3 anti-reflective coating! EX3 anti-reflective coating is highly recommended for children because it is extremely scratch-resistant and even outperforms glass lenses. Come on in before the beginning of the school year and save!!!
Rock it, Maxine, you are our Customer of the Week!!!
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