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They DO make them like they used to!

Written by on March 8th 2010

Lafont has been decorating the faces of myopes, hyperopes, and presbyopes for over 80 years! Lafont eyewear has a beautiful and timeless style and to celebrate that fact, they’ve brought back several of their classic designs as part of the Lafont reedition line.
I just couldn’t contain my joy at the constant arrival of more and more Lafont reedition frames at Eye Spy. I was so enamored, I had to write a poem, I hope Elizabeth Barret Browning doesn’t mind:

Oh, Lafont Reedition, how do I love thee, let me count the ways
I love thee to the keyhole bridge and generous lens height

My soul can see, I never feel without sight

For the eyes you provide such grace

I love thee ‘cuz you balance out my big, round face

I need you morning, noon, and night

I love thee freely, I know you’re all right

I love thee purely, your sunglasses protect from uv rays

I love thee for your style and practical use

You give me no grief, you’re the bee’s knees

Oh boy, Lafont reedition frame I hope I don’t lose

My nifty cat-eye glasses, we go together like wine and cheese

You handmade objects of well-crafted design, it’s you I choose.
Lafont reedition frames, I’ll take one in each color, please

Eye Spy is having a makeover party and sunglass show!
Stop by the store on Saturday, March 20 and get a new look just in time for Spring!
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