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I wear my Stunna Glasses at night

Written by on March 24th 2010

Welcome home, ya stunna!

The Queen of Specs has returned from the eyewear trade show in New York! She had quite a successful journey, purchasing *NEW* shapes from our existing lines (Anne et Valentin, Francis Klein, Lafont, ic! berlin, and Theo).

New! Thierry Lasry! Coming soon!

She also sidled on over and successfully picked up Thierry Lasry sunglasses and Rapp eyewear!

It went like this:

Queen of Specs: Hey
Thierry Lasry: Hey
Queen of Specs: Wanna come over to my place?
Thierry Lasry: Heck yeah!

It’s impossible to resist the charms of such a looker

Queen of Specs: Hey
Rapp: Hey
Queen of Specs: Did it hurt?
Rapp: Did what hurt?
Queen of Specs: When you fell from Heaven?

She’s so smooth!

Eye Spy + Purple Cat-Eye = LOVE!

And a reminder–for the whole month of April, Eye Spy is celebrating a GREEN SCENE. If you ride your bike or the CTA to Eye Spy, you get 10% off a pair of Rx specs. If you donate an old pair of glasses, you receive $25 off a new pair of Rx frames! So come on by and celebrate a greener earth with Eye Spy!

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