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These new Lafonts make us SWOON!

Written by on May 30th 2010
Le sigh, the new Lafonts have arrived….

These classic designs bring just enough sparkle to the store!

and the patterns on these temples are to die for!
Ah, but there’s nothing wrong with a classic look.

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Apples, peaches, pears and plums Lafont’s kids frames are really Awesome!

Written by on May 21st 2010

If I had a jump rope, I would be 10 feet in the air with joy over these new Lafont kids frames! (aka Lafont pour les Enfants)

Our new stock of Lafonts arrived in a rainbow of colors and materials, with cool sizes and shapes for all kids to enjoy!


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Well, helooooooooo Lafont!

Written by on May 14th 2010

Our fabulous LAFONT sales rep is lending Eye Spy his ENTIRE collection of frames this weekend! Lafont has a gorgeous variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to fit almost any face.
Lafont also has a great reedition line that celebrates all of the great shapes from the companies 80 year history, so if you dig retro style, Lafont will hook you up with the original shapes made with modern quality.
If you’ve been searching for the perfect frame, you may just be in luck this weekend! We’ll have the entire collection from Friday, May 14th through Monday May 17th!
Stop on by!
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Written by on April 12th 2010

Whoo hoo! Our new Customer of the Week chose glasses that make her eyes **sparkle!**

We love this Lafont frame on Julie, she just looks SO AWESOME!

Congratulations, Julie! You’re our Customer of the Week!

And a reminder–for the whole month of April, Eye Spy is celebrating a GREEN SCENE. If you ride your bike or the CTA to Eye Spy, you get 10% off a pair of Rx specs. If you donate an old pair of glasses, you receive $25 off a new pair of Rx frames! So come on by and celebrate a greener earth with Eye Spy!
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They DO make them like they used to!

Written by on March 8th 2010

Lafont has been decorating the faces of myopes, hyperopes, and presbyopes for over 80 years! Lafont eyewear has a beautiful and timeless style and to celebrate that fact, they’ve brought back several of their classic designs as part of the Lafont reedition line.
I just couldn’t contain my joy at the constant arrival of more and more Lafont reedition frames at Eye Spy. I was so enamored, I had to write a poem, I hope Elizabeth Barret Browning doesn’t mind:

Oh, Lafont Reedition, how do I love thee, let me count the ways
I love thee to the keyhole bridge and generous lens height

My soul can see, I never feel without sight

For the eyes you provide such grace

I love thee ‘cuz you balance out my big, round face

I need you morning, noon, and night

I love thee freely, I know you’re all right

I love thee purely, your sunglasses protect from uv rays

I love thee for your style and practical use

You give me no grief, you’re the bee’s knees

Oh boy, Lafont reedition frame I hope I don’t lose

My nifty cat-eye glasses, we go together like wine and cheese

You handmade objects of well-crafted design, it’s you I choose.
Lafont reedition frames, I’ll take one in each color, please

Eye Spy is having a makeover party and sunglass show!
Stop by the store on Saturday, March 20 and get a new look just in time for Spring!
Get a free makeover!
Delight in the Tres Chic collection from ic!berlin
Check out the newest sunglasses from Kaenon and Ray-Ban!\


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Written by on February 28th 2010

This week, our Customer of the Week is ERWIN GARCIA!!!!

Erwin has been a friend, though not a customer, of Eye Spy for a couple of years now. You see, he is our reliable and friendly UPS guy! One day, Erwin walked in and said, “I want glasses!”And we just knew that this brand new Lafont frame would be perfect. Erwin bought this Lafont just days after it arrived at the store!

Hooray, Erwin! You’re our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!

Eye Spy is having a makeover party and sunglass show!
Stop by the store on Saturday, March 20 and get a new look just in time for Spring!
Get a free makeover!
Check out the newest sunglasses from Kaenon and Ray-Ban!


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Giving Thanks

Written by on November 26th 2009

Here at Eye Spy, we have a lot to be thankful for: awesome eyeglasses that surround us all day long, a funky and colorful work environment, and Dinkel’s right across the street!

But, today, what we are most thankful for are the awesome awesome customers–you are all so much fun to have around!

You make our hearts go ZING!

What we are second most thankful for are the new frames that have been arriving all week!

First, the Theo invasion:

Theo’s classic metal style that we all know and looooove.

And new Theo plastics! Absence does make the heart grow fonder!
It’s been a while since Theo has made plastic frames and, yow, are we happy they’re back!

Then, we received the Lafont frames for our Trunk Show this weekend! The frames will only be here for the weekend, so if you want to see hundreds of Lafonts in dozens of colors, put on you hat and gloves and come over to Eye Spy! (Pssst…The Lafont trunk show will be on Saturday, November 28, from 11-5pm.)

ooooooh. ahhhhhh.

Look at all the kids frames we’ll have in the store this weekend!
(This is maybe one fifth of the kids frames we’ll have for the trunk show!!!)

So much to love…..


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Written by on November 22nd 2009

This week, we found the CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK in our own office! KARLA is our bookkeeper and a great friend. She has an amazing wardrobe of glasses including Francis Klein and Anne et Valentin, but maybe our favorite frame of all is this LAFONT frame…in leopard!!!

We heart Karla! She’s one of the most stylin’ ladies around!

The LAFONT Trunk Show is here! Every Saturday in November we have hosted trunk shows. We are ending the our month-long celebration of new styles with a Lafont trunk show on November 28. We will have the full collection including new styles you’ve never seen before…for one day only!!! For once, you’ll be looking forward to November in Chicago!

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Written by on October 6th 2009

This week, our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK, sent her own picture! How awesome is that? As you may know, whenever you pick up your glasses at Eye Spy, we take your picture because we like memories AND we like to show off our cool and stylish customers!

Gosh, those sure are some nice lookin’ glasses…

When Ann Marie picked up her new Grotesque frames, we took her picture, of course, but we missed the best part of the frame!


Waitaminute, those glasses aren’t just nice, they’re AMAZING!!!

Ann Marie sent us a lovely email and attached this fun picture showing off the highlight of her new specs. She told us that she loves her new Grotesque frames and I have to say, I agree completely! These frames ROCK!

Congratulations, Ann Marie, you look SPECtacular!

Guess what!?! Eye Spy is turning ELEVEN!!!! We’re having an anniversary party on Saturday, October 17th from 10-6pm. Stop by and join us in celebrating eleven awesome years!


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Written by on July 4th 2009

This week our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK is and Independence Day Special with TWO, that’s right, TWO CUSTOMERS OF THE WEEK!

Catherine and Sara came in to look at glasses together and each found an adorable frame to suit their energetic personalities! Catherine found a classic Francis Klein frame with rhinestones and a detail on the temples (sides) of the frame that is simply to. die. for.


Sara was browsing the sunglasses and found a Lafont frame that fit her PERFECTLY! What a lucky day!

Two hot to handle.

Congratulations Sara and Catherine! You look awesome in your Francis Klein and Lafont frames!!!


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