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Customer of the Week…Beautiful in Blue!

Written by on May 8th 2016

Happy Day to Marie, our amazing Customer of the Week!


Marie’s fab new Gentle Monster frames are so youthful and fun! We love the color and the shape on her.

Gentle Monster Fafala A5 BL1 · EYE SPY OPTICAL · Online Store Powered by Storenv_2016-05-08_13-01-02

Fafala is a great lightweight frame with shiny gold temples that make them a really versatile frame. Because Marie reads a ton, she wanted a pair of glasses to use just for seeing the computer screen and for reading. The lenses we chose for her are called occupational lenses, or indoor lenses. They enable you to see up to about 10 feet of your surroundings…and most importantly, to focus on your screen and book without any eye strain!!



And to answer your question…yes! you do recognize Marie ...she and her lovely husband were featured last year in their amazing Theo frames. Marie and her husband love unique and colorful frames and we loved her latest pick so much that we knew she had to be our COTW again!

Let’s get to know Marie!

  1. What do you do for a living? Drink wine and eat dark chocolate (I’m retired)
  2. How many glasses do you have? Only two pairs that I use regularly.
  3. What is your astrological sign? Aquarius….Aqua..ri..usAquarius-astrology-15139356-1753-1274
  4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would that food be? Watermelon
  5. What is your beverage of choice? Root Beer or Pina Colada
  6. Do you have a hobby? Tell me about it! Crossword puzzles, because they teach me to look at things from different angles.
  7. What is your secret talent? I’m very intuitive
  8. How long have you been wearing glasses? Since the second grade
  9. Would you rather: tap or swim for a whole day? I’m not very good at either one.  I’d rather watch movies or read all day.
  10. What is your guilty pleasure song? ‘Because’ by the Dave Clark Five
  11. What is your favorite place on earth? Hawaii
  12.  What is your favorite moment? Any time that I’m on a dance floor surrounded by family and friends.