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Every Day is Earth Day at Eye Spy

Written by on April 9th 2016

We get fired up at Eye Spy about environmental issues. We are avid reducers, reusers and recyclers. So, when Earth Day rolls around, it’s hard for us to figure out what to differently to help Mother earth. This year, we racked our brains….and came up with some great ideas, or at least we think so!!


We asked the lab that cuts our lenses to save the cut and edged lenses that would normally be thrown away. We have a few boxes of them…and had planned to make a spectacular curtain out of them, but that has not happened yet:-( Soon…very soon! In the meantime, we will be using them this month for your benefit!! Drumroll please…

First, we filled up a big (actually, huge) mason jar with these lenses….and it is your job to guess how many lenses are in the jar!! If you guess correctly, YOU WIN A PAIR of PlasticDelux sunglasses!!

Next, we are putting together kits for you to take home on Earth Day and make a pendant from the old eyeglasses lenses! It is easy enough for a kid or adult to make…..and the results are super-awesome! If you cannot make it in, here are the instructions for the version pictured below….and here is another similar option:-) lens brooch

After we pay our taxes, we might go crazy and try and make this pendant….

wrapped lenses

We are also excited to have everyone write down a pledge that they are making for the month and hang the pledge on our clothes line. It can be a pledge to stop using paper towels, ride your bike more, or anything that you can do to help contribute to making our planet a healthier and more thriving place for all of us to live.


We are also offering a few deals, of course, that are easy on the earth *and* on your pocket book….

65% off all wooden eyewear in-stock

$50 off a complete pair of prescription eyewear if you donate an old pair of functioning glasses that we can send to New Eyes for the Needy:-)



We have instilled green practices at Eye Spy Optical from day-one.

From printing on the back-sides of used paper rescued from local businesses & schools; giving used packing materials to neighborhood business; emailing receipts; online order-entry systems; reusing dishes, cups, and silverware; urging vendors to reduce packaging, shipments, paper invoices & faxes; reducing, reusing, recycling & composting; purchasing used furniture, fixtures & office equipment; using cloth towels instead of paper; giving away felt wine bags instead of paper shopping bags; refilling eyeglass spray bottles with concentrated cleaner; installing an extra pane of glass, insulation & LED bulbs in our storefront and in-store, we tend to go a bit over-board in our desire to lessen our impact on the planet.

Did we miss anything? Let us know!