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Meet our New Gal!

Written by on October 7th 2014

Winter is coming but Clara is here, so not to worry. I mean, she is no Ygritte, but she’s pretty great. She hails originally from Port Townsend, Washington. She scurried south to attend college at California College of the Arts. Her travels have now brought her to us in Chicago. Clara has captured a pair of Rapp Eyewear frames in green carnivale, and she wears them well….


We asked her a few questions so you could get to know her!

-How many glasses do you own?
1 glass and 1 sun! — soon there will be more!

-What is your favorite thing in the whole world?
I love lots of things… THE COLOR PURPLE!!!– not the book, the actual color purple.  **SPARKLES***  
The Goldfinch by Donna Tart, sushi, the ocean, ooo ooo and riding my vintage japanese lotus bike. AH, and my CAT… and CRAFTING. I’m an old woman.

-There’s an EARTHQUAKE! and you can only save 3 things from the gaping hole forming under your apartment, what do you scoop up? 
My CAT! And as many beads as I can carry! that’s it.

-What catches your eye at Eye Spy? 
Let’s get specific. . .the Francis Kleins, the glittery ones.

-If you could be any mystical person/creature who/what would it be? 

Daenerys– Mother of Dragons!
mother of dragons

 - What’s something that people don’t know about you?
UHHHHH lots of things, I LOVE HULA HOOPING! I used to have 10 hula hoops, but now I only have one. Drunk hula hooping is the best.

-Do you have a hidden talent?
Drunk Hula Hooping! Doyeeee

-Finish this sentence I love…. bacon blueberry pancakes!!!!

See? She’s pretty great! But don’t take our word for it….come in and meet our new gal yourself.

Welcome to the club lady! We are stoked to have another curly-haired lady join us! It seems to be a trend around here.

Note: Clara was not in the Nutcraker nor did Heidi teach her to walk.