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What’s this anti-reflective coating everyone’s always talking about?

Written by on August 26th 2010

When I was a New Year’s party this year, I kept getting asked the same question…

“How do you fix this?!” my friends howled in my face, their eyes hidden by fogged up glasses as they had just walked inside from the freezing cold outside. Knowing that I am an optician and work in a super-awesome optical shop, they looked (well they tried anyway) to me for the answer to the fogged lenses question.

I gazed back from my clearly bespecled face, the fog of temperature change had faded so quickly I barely noticed it existed and was able to make my way to the bar for a drink and a New Year’s kazoo before they even managed to Mr. Magoo their way to our table.

“Anti-Reflective coating” I replied. Cool. Collected. Clear.

What is this anti-reflective coating you speak of?

I’ll tell you, anti-reflective coating is actually a treatment that enhances eyewear lenses. It allows less glare which is extremely beneficial for night driving and computer work. Anti-reflective coating is perhaps most known for reducing eye fatigue and making the lenses look super-clear. So in pictures (and in person!) friends and family can see the wearer’s eyes and not the reflections of lights and windows.

The above video is also pretty cool. It’s summarizing some scientists in Florida working on the ULTIMATE anti-reflective coating!


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