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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on April 24th 2014

So excited to introduce you all to the newest member of our Customer of the Week club: Kim!

Kim is the definition of “Go BIG, or GO HOME”, when it comes to buying glasses. She came to us as an eyeglass virgin. Armed only with her new Rx, she hadn’t the faintest idea of what shape she was looking for…but she knew she wanted turquoise.  She quickly took a liking to the cat eyes and the round frame shape. There were so many frames that looked great on Kim … and when all was said and done, she couldn’t narrow it down any further; so the solution was to buy her top 3 favorites! Here, Kim is sporting her “a-dork-able” salmon-colored Gentle Monster “Fafala” frame.

In addition to her Gentle Monster frames, Kim also chose the Caroline Abram “Satyr” frame in turquoise and purple (which by the way she snagged in the nick of time, because this color is now discontinued!)…

And finally, the Caroline Abram “Elsa” frame, which she turned into sunglasses. Not bad, considering we also give an awesome discount to those who purchase multiple pairs at once. :-) Cheers, Kim! We hope you’re loving your new frame trifecta!


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Customer of the Week!!

Written by on September 29th 2013

Everyone…raise your game day beers in a toast to Eye Spy’s customer of the Week: Gina!!|

Anne et Valentin “Dubai”

Gina, after much deliberation, chose to marry these Anne et Valentin Dubai frames in red with a chocolate brown accent. Mmm chocolate….they do look like candy, and good enough to eat….but I digress. The most important thing about these frames is that they were approved by Gina’s fashionista mom. And let’s be honest…mothers are ALWAYS right.


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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on September 11th 2011
Our Customer of the Week is Michael

Michael is sooooo excited about his new one-of-a-kind Rapp frames.  It was love at first sight mixed with fate, since the model’s name is Michael as well!  Rapp, a company out of Toronto, makes unique frames in a world of mass-production.  Twice a year, Rapp runs about 20-30 kits, and once sold…the designs are never repeated or re-manufactured.  Rapp is known for their modern, yet functional glasses.

Rock on, Michael, you are our Customer of the Week!!!

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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on August 28th 2011
Karen totally rocks these vintage assymetrical glasses.  They capture her fun personality and accentuate her edgy hairstyle.  The bold red hue pops…just like her smile!

She is waiting anxiously to get a second pair of glasses by Rapp optical.  The combination of matte front with extremely crisp, defined edges are unlike the shiny rounded corners found on most acetate frames. The contrast between the flat front and pronounced forward curve of the bridge really is really flattering on Karen…

Congrats Karen, you are the Customer of the Week!!!

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Customer of the Week!

Written by on August 18th 2011
Our Customer of the week is Maxine!!!
Maxine looks super hip in her brand new Lafont frames.  The translucent magenta color is a refreshing hue that gives her a rosy glow.  The cat-eye shape is a modern twist of a vintage shape and we adore it on her! 
What makes this frame so great is its flexibility.  Even though it is an adult frame, it is suitable for a teenager with as much style as Maxine!
Don’t forget…now through September 30th, kids lenses are 50% off, when you purchase a complete pair with Super High Vision EX3 anti-reflective coating! EX3 anti-reflective coating is highly recommended for children because it is extremely scratch-resistant and even outperforms glass lenses. Come on in before the beginning of the school year and save!!!
Rock it, Maxine, you are our Customer of the Week!!!
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Customer of the Week!

Written by on July 6th 2011
Our Customer of the Week is BETH!!!

We adore the deep blue Lafont frames on Beth, the hot pink splashes of color bring out the sparkle in her eyes.  The texture engraved in the temples gives the frame a unique personality and the fabulous hat completes Beth’s look!

Luckily, we suggested adding Anti-reflective coating to her lenses to keep the focus on Beth.  Anti-reflective coating is applied to the surface of lenses to reduce glare, so the lenses look like they are barely even there=)  The benefits are particularly noticeable when driving at night and when working on computers…

Congrats BETH, you are our Customer of the Week!!!

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What’s this anti-reflective coating everyone’s always talking about?

Written by on August 26th 2010

When I was a New Year’s party this year, I kept getting asked the same question…

“How do you fix this?!” my friends howled in my face, their eyes hidden by fogged up glasses as they had just walked inside from the freezing cold outside. Knowing that I am an optician and work in a super-awesome optical shop, they looked (well they tried anyway) to me for the answer to the fogged lenses question.

I gazed back from my clearly bespecled face, the fog of temperature change had faded so quickly I barely noticed it existed and was able to make my way to the bar for a drink and a New Year’s kazoo before they even managed to Mr. Magoo their way to our table.

“Anti-Reflective coating” I replied. Cool. Collected. Clear.

What is this anti-reflective coating you speak of?

I’ll tell you, anti-reflective coating is actually a treatment that enhances eyewear lenses. It allows less glare which is extremely beneficial for night driving and computer work. Anti-reflective coating is perhaps most known for reducing eye fatigue and making the lenses look super-clear. So in pictures (and in person!) friends and family can see the wearer’s eyes and not the reflections of lights and windows.

The above video is also pretty cool. It’s summarizing some scientists in Florida working on the ULTIMATE anti-reflective coating!


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Written by on March 22nd 2009

oops! We took a little nap and forgot to choose a CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK last week, so today, we’re naming TWO, that’s right, TWO CUSTOMERS OF THE WEEK!

First, congratulation to MARY D

Mary chose a delightful RED frame by THEO. The color and the shape make her brown eyes look so big and pretty! Great choice, Mary!

Our second CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK is our neighbor, SANDY D. Sandy isn’t used to wearing her glasses all the time, so she chose a light and subtly sparkley frame to make her feel and look comfortable and fun at the same time.


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