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Customer Of The Week…Another Cute Kid With Glasses!

Written by on August 7th 2016

Three Cheers for Lake, our Customer of the Week!


Lake’s mom brought her in for an eye exam with our amazing Eye Doctor. Lake was a teensy bit nervous, but our doctor is great with kids and made it really fun and easy. Lake found out that she was going to need glasses she couldn’t have been more thrilled! As it turns out, she was hoping that she would need them – she LOVES glasses :)

The Optical Oracle helped her try on kids frames until she found just the right one – a red metal frame that fit like a dream and made her feel like a million bucks!

We LOVE it when kids get excited about their glasses and as you can see, Lake is beaming!

Let’s learn a little more about Lake!

  1. What is her favorite color? Aqua
  2. If she could be any animal, what would she be and why? Reindeer so I can fly (Here are 11 things you might not know about Reindeer!)
  3. What is her favorite thing to do in the summer time? Surf on vacation surf kid
  4. What is her favorite activity or subject at school? Reading
  5. How many siblings does she have? An older brother and younger brother
  6. If she were in a talent show, what would her talent be? Play guitar and dancingguitar-1424478_960_720


It is almost time for Chicagoland kids to head back to school and all kids entering school for the first time are required to get their eyes examined by an eye doctor. Our docs are low key and make it painless – your kids don’t even need to know their letters or numbers! So visit our website to schedule your little one’s appointment.

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Written by on November 18th 2012

Meet Elizabeth, the most adorable customer of the week! This is Elizabeth’s very first pair of glasses, even though she has wanted glasses for a long time. She is rockin’ the Etnia Barcelona Kids Sildavia frame and I think we can all agree that she looks amazing!

Congrats on being our customer of the week, Elizabeth! You look awesome!  Enjoy your first pair of glasses :-)

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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on September 15th 2012

Our Customer of the Week is Nate! How could we resist??

Nate looks adorable in his new Etnia Kids frames.  He loves blue and could not resist these textured beauties for his very first pair:)

He didn’t know it, but these eyeglasses are hot off the press! We *just* received these Etnia Kids Metroville frames…and this style has not even been released yet in the US!! It is available in 9 great color combos. Yes, nine colors. Nate is lucky that he had his heart set on blue glasses before he walked into Eye Spy…’cause it would have been a tough decision!

Now until the end of October…kids’ lenses are FREE with a purchase of EX3 anti-reflective coating.  Ask us about the details…

Congrats, Nate, you are our Customer of the Week!!!

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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on October 16th 2011
Our Customer of the Week is John :)

John is sooooo adorable in his new 2.5 Italee frames…he captured our hearts with his gentleman-like mannerisms and his shy smile.  Italee frames are perfect for children because of their flexibility.  The temples can be trimmed to the perfect adjustment and the ends are curved so they stay put! 

2.5 frames are Swiss made and also come in adult sizes.  2.5 frames are made from a high performance, lightweight, and hypo-allergenic plastic while weighing only 2.5 grams!  You can mix and match lens shapes and colors to make them your own.

Congrats, John, you are our Customer of the Week!

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