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Little Blue Bay…Accessories by our Design Maven!

Written by on March 26th 2013

Ever wonder what else goes on at Eye Spy when you’re not here?

Well, sometimes Patsy and Sara wear birds in their hair. Yup, I said it: BIRDS!!!
Patsy’s is complete with an egg and a nest, Sara’s just has a blue bird in her nest.

These beauties have been hand-crafted by our very own Design Maven, Sara. Her line is called Little Blue Bay . Sara focuses on sustainability and operates under the belief that each item is crafted with love & care.  She uses found, up-cycled & vintage pieces to make lovely new accessories that become a part of your story.

Sara’s headbands are available at Eye Spy! And no, they don’t all have birds.

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Meet our sassy new optician…Sara!

Written by on June 6th 2012
 Sara is our spankin’ new optician and we are soooo *excited* for you to meet her!!!
We asked our new superstar a few questions.  Hopefully these will hold you over until you can stop by and meet her for yourself=)
What catches your lil’ eye at Eye Spy?
     *Francis Klein frames with their quirky retro shapes.  Oh, yeah and the awesome birds on the walls.
What is something most people don’t know about you?
     *I was blind for 4 days when I had my eyes sewn shut after eye surgery.  I couldn’t even sneeze without pain.  Ugh.
Who is your celebrity crush?
     *The nerdy dude who plays Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds.  He is super smart and I secretly love nerds.
What is your favorite food?
     *Any pie from Bang Bang Pie Shop in Logan Square…yum.
What do you do in your free-time?
     *Gardening, yoga, hanging out with tiny humans, and designing/producing my accessory line Little Blue Bay.
If you could be any sea creature what would you be?
     *A narwhal.  A whale unicorn, what’s not to love?
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